Hello All from Michael in Shenzhen

At my core I am a collaborator and enthusiast for sustained development both personally and professionally. Raised in Australia, I relocated Shenzhen City, China in 1997. Spent my first 5 years here in China finding my way and working alongside R&D teams.
Following on I went directly into manufacturing settings, working at the factory full time to gain insights into how things were made in China and build on my skill set. After 12 years working in manufacturing for the automotive and ICT industries, it was time I moved on. Decided to take deeper interest in the Startup & Maker community.

Since 2011 I have been keenly interested and active in building out the Entrepreneurship Innovation Ecosystem in Shenzhen as an Organizer, Mentor, Sponsor & Volunteer.

In 2014 we formed Shenzhen Xinshunao Ecommerce Co., Ltd., in Shenzhen city China, to provide services to Ecommerce sector enterprises. At the same time my self study into programming began with an online course in web architecture & Ruby on Rails. Just like in 1994 with my Chinese language learning, I adopt the mindset of a continuous life long learner. From 2015 registered and began operations of FABAPC ® in China, to provide expanded digital E-market services together with collaborative partners.

Now we continue to collaborate with communities globally, to empower change makers.
Most recently my interest in AI, Blockchain & algorithms has peaked with our need to apply in life and business. Following on from this has come my interest in SingularityNET as my thinking aligns with the core objectives & realization of the SingularityNET vision.


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Welcome Michael to our SingularityNet Community Forum. I’m sure you will be pleased to be in here and you will be able to see how the Community grow takes shape as we still on early stage.

Many thanks for you welcome Anderson, it very much appreciated.

Hi Michael,
We organize an AI Insight Tour for executives from Germany to Shenzhen. Would you be interested to present your company and your project on site?