Grafics Volunteers group. Join us to rise awareness


Hi everyone
As you know our SingularityNet Community has diffrent Video content grafics group. Our Community is highly interested in bringing more awareness to SingularityNet and to stand in for SingularityNet in any beneficial way we can for the project. By making Video content we give to everyone the chance to know what SingularityNet is about and what it stands for, we can even explain how SingularityNet works and change over time. The growth, evolution and network functions of SingularityNet can be dificult to grasp at first time. We live in a Social Media world that everything you need to know you can access ove video content. This can save everyone alot of time and make more free time for the real important mathers. If you are willing to contribute your artistic skills like drawing, grafics 2D or 3D, or posses VFX knowledge, you can animate text or just want to make your own video contribution, then write it down in here. I will support you where I can and will look for skilled newcommers so that we can produce the most amazing videos out there. I am growing my Social Media connections to be of help in any beneficial way and I am sure until end of this year we can have few more teams or support your own creation the best we can. Let’s rock the world together​:sunglasses::+1: