Does staking AGI require ETH?

Hello there,

[Question] I have AGI tokens which I would like to stake, but I do not have any EtH. Can I still stake my AGIs? (Or will I need ADA in the future?)

[Prolem description] When attempting to stake AGI via MetaMask and I fail to do so at a grayed out MetaMask button “confirm”. This is after following this sequence of events: surf to -> Staking -> Add Stake Amount -> Submit Funds -> [MetaMask] Confirm

[Possible solution] Trying to look up this issue, I find no explicit mention of ETH being a requirement of staking AGIs in any SingulariltyNet documentation on staking. However, implicitly it makes sense that ETH is required due to network fees. In order not to confuse newbies, I would like to suggest to explicitly mention ETH-requirements on!

[Note] Mass adoption of a technology works better the lower the barriers of entry … even if it appears that simple to you, dear experienced user and reader.

Has anybody else had the above issue of not being able to stake?

With the announcement of a (partial?) move to the Cardano blockchain I can extend the question: would I need to hold ADA in order to be able to stake AGI?

Cheers and have a good day