Ciao from Mike, a Singularity-aficionado!

Greetings from London everyone!

I am stoked to be part of this community, made up of openminded people and forward thinking individuals…

You all have a good one,



Buon giorno Mike benvenuto al nostro SingularityNet Community forum.

Hi Mike and welcome to our SingularityNet Community forum.

I’m sure you will find what you seek for within our growing Community. :wink::+1:

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Buongiorno to you Aderson, and thank you for welcoming to your community!

I am finding your contribution to singularity’s telegram’s group very insightful and helpful!

My ambition is to become more and more familiar with your work and with your vision as I feel you are pushing the boundaries of human advancements!

P.S good to know there’s other Italian speakers in this community!


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Welcome Mike :slight_smile:

Why not share with us how you found out about SingularityNET and what it means to you?

Anyway always nice to greet a new member here!

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