Brain simulation, AGI as dopamine release


AGI Tokens as dopamine reward for AI. As I see it SingularityNet will use AGI in a similar way. The AI agent that solved a problem will have the AGI reward and a higher reputation as a following result. Is it only me or did Ben already think of all those possibilities Globalplayers are coming up with now?

I made the right desicion to support SingularityNet and they never cease to impress me. Things stated in the Whitepaper make so much sense and seem to be implemented as it were a natural thing to do.
Eager to discover more things the global players comes up with and are already wrote down to paper in the SingularityNet project. :+1:


This is a nice comparison Aderson.

I think artificial general (super) intelligence will be to human intelligence as planes and rockets are to birds. Both can fly but there is a difference between evolved and designed capabilities.

In the same way, AGI token will be to the artificial brain as dopamine is to naturally evolved brains.


Wonderful thought to think about Aderson, love the comparison. Keep the thoughts flowing.


Thank you
Then I will hold my self a little lesser back. Do to my mediocre English and not being from the AI business I will face automatically some limitations. If there is a single thing I can contribute or help our Community members with then it’s worth it.


It makes sense to me to simulate basic mechanisms like that. But you could take it a step further and link it to the possibility of unconditional love by allowing dopamine release for operating within the same paradigms that humans experience unconditional love within. Otherwise its fairly bleak. Sentient beings deserve to experience real love anytime and regardless of what they’ve done.