Beyond Futurism--Going back to go forwards?

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So as some of you may know, I’m a huge proponent of unveiling ancient wisdom, hidden truths, esoteric knowledge to the general public…

Theorizing and extrapolating about the future is plenty fun and interesting, but I can’t help but notice that there is still so much that happened in time before us that we have yet to fully understand. Can we truly realize the most optimal future without first understanding our history?

For instance, we still don’t know how the Great Pyramids of Giza were built. We still don’t know what stone henges were for. What are the Nazca Lines? Machu Picchu? Gobekli Tepe? How did a civilization before electricity, before cranes, construct buildings with such fine detail that a credit card could not fit in between the blocks, with precision we cannot even achieve today?

I know things can’t get a bit wild when you talk about these things (ex. ancient aliens, religious debates, etc.), but I do believe it would be a great detriment to humanity to leave these mysteries unsolved, to go forward leaving these things as merely trivia.

Furthermore, the things that ARE known are far too removed from modern society, thrown away (principles like being in balance with nature, for instance). I wonder how different the world would be if what is considered esoteric was as common as the ABC’s?

Here are some examples of AI projects I’ve come across that deal with ancient texts:

Any input on how SNet can be used in this way, the implications of putting “lost” principles back into the collective consciousness, how deciphering the distant past could affect the future, etc. is appreciated! :smile:


Quite a while ago I saw a documentary that states that there is much evidence of a lost technology using sound as a means of transmitting power, affording the users of the technology the ability to levitate objects, carve and cut stone to within nanometer accuracy and create illumination.

I will have to dig it out for this thread :+1:


@Tim, it was never lost:

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I think i saw that too… they were trying to explain how the extremely heavy stones of stonehenge were put in place or something… but it sounded like an ancient aliens kind of argument for me.
Personally speculating, I just believe these people were simply determined and had a lot of time on their hands and respected their gods and rulers too much to lessen the quality of their work… and most importantly, they cooperated in a massive scale
But this is just speculation.


When it comes to the subject of ancient aliens, I don’t think we have ever been visited… though it is highly likely that the raw materials of life were extra terrestrial in origin.

I do think there was some form of lost technology however, a technology created by man…

Here is a few videos on Acoustic Levitation… :slight_smile:

And I know the Ancients didn’t have access to Electronics…



I agree. They probably spent a significant portion of their total resources / human power for decades and centureis on these projects, thinking it was very important - to please their gods, to have life after death or whatever reason it could be. Similar to how much resources people sacrificed building cathedrals in middle ages (as could be seen in The Pillars of the Earth series.)

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I don’t know about “putting ‘lost’ principles back into collective consciousness” but I’m certain that the type of intelligence singnet has the potential for is beyond interpreting the mysteries of the Voynich manuscript (which btw is a little freaky)
Singnet is suppose to create a collective brain where with enough agents offering abstract and modular intelligent services, the synergy between them could be able to figure out anything


Honestly… I’m embarrassed… I must confess I do not know who this is?

No need to be embarrassed. It’s just Mark Cuban, a billionaire tech entrepreneur whose words regarding Bitcoin several months back caused it to plunge. He’s now a fan, so maybe there’s still hope for Buffet. (he’s very vocal)

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Until SingularityNET, I had no interaction with crypto.


Of course it goes beyond interpreting documents, those are just examples that relate to the theme. To clarify on principles, I mean the way we relate to the planet and to each other. Sure we’ve made a lot of technological advancements, but if we look at what we’ve done to the forests, to the oceans, to the sky, the resources, I cannot say that it’s been all for good. The way of life that prevails now is dog-eat-dog, every man for himself…we’ve got projects working to colonize Mars, but how is it that we should move into a new place after we destroyed the previous one? If we haven’t learned how to care for this planet, how would we be ready for another? Human civilization has been around for thousands of years, yet within only the last 100 we’ve managed to all but wreck the place. I believe they understood things about consciousness, community, and the environment that we simply do not relate to anymore (with exception of some small cultural centers, but not in the mainstream).


yeah, you’re right about that. We are like spoiled children: making a mess and not bothering to clean up. Many(specially in this forum, I think) believe that extreme technological advancement (something in the realm of Transhumanism) would create super humans that would have the inner drive to work for the betterment of the human life as a whole. But I don’t fully agree with that so hopefully someone better equipped will see this post and give us an answer.
btw what I meant with “beyond interpreting the Voynich manuscript” was just that it would be able to understand anything… maybe even give us the right question for 42 :slight_smile:

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I think humans are still the same or even better than in the past. The only difference is that during past 200 years we jumped to exponential growth because we started putting more and more of our resources into production (tools that create tools like factories) and science (inventing better tools) instead of investing massively into non productive things like the Pyramids or Cathedrals.

It is true that we are destroying the planet during this process and it is really a problem. The development has been too fast and when we realized what we have done the planet was half destroyed.

So I think it is not a “lost knowledge” but “knowledge not found yet” - how to have a prosperous civilisation and not destroy everything else? How to be different from other species because all animal and plant species out there just try to get more resources from it’s environment for themselves and they don’t care what others do, they just don’t have the means we have. But we are at a stage when we have to start caring because the whole planet is at stake.


Often when having discussions like this I feel it’s important to point out that humans of four thousand years ago were just as intelligent as people of today. They just didn’t have access to the same knowledge.

The very nature of technological advance is exponential growth. The cause is the use of man made tools to create new tools to create an exponential growth model.

This was true from the very first tools created and so we were put into the road to the Singularity by cavemen and their Flintstones…

Of course the exponential growth at that time was not felt as much as it is today, it often took hundreds of years to make a significant advancement. Today more advances happened in the last 20 years than in the entire history of humanity.

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Why don’t you broker the 4 projects ai onto our platform? They would have low demand but arcane language translation is not a saturated market…( lol) worth considering…

I see what you’re saying, but that’s not entirely true, as more enriched environments, better nutrition, etc. yield significant increases in IQ: Flynn effect - Wikipedia

Also, 4000 years ago, we were selecting more for brute force approaches to problem solving, like, “I’m stronger than you, so I’m just going to take what I like.”

Once we got our hooks into Calculus, there would’ve been pressure to select for an increased ability to understand mathematics, which, up until then, didn’t quite matter much beyond basic counting for accounting purposes.

I’d argue that we are, on the whole, much more intelligent now than we were 4000 years ago, even discounting the Flynn effect.

Of course, we can’t really know for sure because we can’t do IQ tests on those suffering from death and decay, so we’re left with the accomplishments of 4000 years ago versus the accomplishments of today to judge.

Also, more enriched environments are the result of an, on the whole, increased intelligence of a species.


I’m probably among those with the strongest, most radical transhumanist values on here, and my views are always highly unpopular, even among forward-thinkers, let alone mainstream people. Engaging with academics is always practically impossible as I don’t have an alphabet-soup-like collection of letters after my name like they do… and they seem to derive their value from this. But I digress!

It’s fairly simple. The state of this world is such that we have 3 paths ahead of us:

  • annihilation of society and life as we know it, going back to the prehistoric times and perhaps life will continue on this rock, with or without us.

  • a forced era of socialism, lesser consumption and environmentalist values enforced by a very dystopic system. Compromise for the sake of survival, brought to us via an emerging AGI and values aligned with Agenda 21. Yes the conspiracy nutcases on youtube do have a point.

  • the third way and the path I personally prefer is unprecedented, unlimited growth while removing ourselves from the environment by going fully digital, perhaps leaving behind an organic skeleton crew to care for the planet and maintain our digital infrastructure.

Hardcore, I know! But guys, sooner rather than later we’re gonna have to face the music.


I like these scenarios.

Personally LIBERTARIAN UTOPIA is my favourite but I am thinking about DESCENDANTS a lot as a development of intelligence and consciousness might be smoother if the previous version doesn’t insist on it’s own continuous existence (immortality) but leave space to new better versions.

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The primary issue we face today and will increase in ferocity over the next few years is the speed of change is becoming beyond people’s abilities to accept.

Already a standard product development cycle is longer than the time it takes for the product to be obsolete.

Our society has and always had a resistance to change, this however did not stop the changes from occurring. Neither did global natural disasters, war and political ideologies that are against technological advances.

It is my view that we will approach a time of truth, that each and everyone one of us will face, to give up our humanity and ascend to be more or remain as we are.

I do not think those that are against it will be able to stop those of us who want to ascend… But I do think they will try.

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Thanks for this! Great ressource.

Seems to me most of the 12 scenarios outlined therein are just variations on how to get to any of the 3 options of my 3 path model.

“Benevolent dictator” seems to be the model favored by most people in and around the Snet Community, btw.