Beta Release Questions ~ Ibby Please Advise




  1. The beta is supposed to be released in July for developers to begin to actually use the network for its utility function with the AGI token. Is this still on track for July?

  2. Will there be media exposure for Singularitynet to make developers in the AI space aware of this massive opportunity? Will anyone be incentivizing mainstream youtube AI developers such as and and to produce AI python programming related tutorials on their channels that teach their audiences how to make aigents for Singularitynet marketplace?

  3. Will there be media exposure for examples of users (other related youtubers for instance) using the aigent marketplace to integrate AI services into realworld use cases ?(ex: for business, for pleasure, for research)

Please advise,


Hi! Thank you for your questions.

  1. I will update this topic regarding the roadmap + beta date: BETA still July?
    We upped our goals quite a bit so it could be that some dates might change a bit, however, it will become also more transparent when we have fully updated the roadmap and take more of a “versioned” timeline as we work in sprints. It likely won’t be that black and white as in “this is the alpha” and “that is the beta”. Rather, it will be an alpha morphing into a beta.
  2. With the new roadmap there will also be a new media and PR strategy that would tie awareness and opportunity together.
  3. I am not sure what you mean with this question, but if you generally would like to know if there are tutorial examples for the application then the answer is yes, we will have that in the future.




Does that mean beta probably is going to be postponed? And just wondering what beta version gonna look like? Is it similar to alpha but with more agents? Is AGI token still going to be on Ethereum when beta released?


Without knowing 100%, but I’m 99.9% sure they won’t focus on chaging the AGI network until a full release and then probably some years after that when the network demands it.
I don’t mind, it is early in the development - I dont’t think you should have that high hopes for the full release, as it all depends on how many developers are going to use the platform(developers as in both agents/algorithms developers and developers using the agents/algorithms)
I do wish that they would have a bit more activity on github and atleast a monthly update on how things are going.


Hi Ibby, I’m hoping you can provide a little more info. I get the agile approach, but even then you should be able to identify the minimum viable product for different epics differentiated across different users groups. I don’t want to be hard on you guys, but language about things becoming a sort of homogeneous morphing blob of development with no identifiable stage posts doesn’t come across very well. I think you’re good people and I have no doubt you’re working hard but it gives off a slippery vibe.


To be honest - not entirely sure if it will be “postponed” per se, but the alpha will quickly have more and more added features and then at some point you can speak of entering the beta phase. We will run the AGI token on Ethereum still yes for the Beta.

@ryan will be publishing regular dev updates soon (I think starting first week of June? Ryan, please indicate). Also, since this is the Alpha you usually see “chunks of commits” instead of the regular updates you see in other projects. Or sometimes we add a whole new repo. This might also skew activity display a bit, but I understand that there is a need for regular dev updates.

In the first week of June or so, I will give you guys a checklist of all the things being worked on, progress, some compact info per part. It will also be uploaded to the website.


its August now… any update in Beta Release? the roadmap looks frozen… can u give a tetative time or release…? looking fwd for a reply from the team… not trying to push u guys but an uodate will be nice… delay in the roadmap is never good in the view of outsider or new investors.


There is no beta. The deadline of july for beta has been changed so that now there is no deadline specificied, and no clear definition of beta. Unfortunately the whitepaper for this project has lost its original meaning and governance at this point.


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