BETA still July?

Hi, i was reading the RoadMap again and saw that the Beta is scheduled to be on July.
Any updates on this?


Hi, I have moved your question to the Q&A category :blush:. There should be an updated roadmap soon. I will leave this question open until I have received the updated roadmap to answer you about this as I am not sure if it affected that deadline.

cc: @bengoertzel


Thanks! I appreciate!


I’m really looking forward to seeing beta


It looks like the Beta will still be at the end of July. We will have an updated roadmap coming out early next week. This roadmap will cover:

  1. Decentralized Marketplace
  2. AI Services
  3. Research Initiatives

There are a couple of things to note about the upcoming roadmap:

  1. It is an ever-evolving roadmap. What you are going to see that day (which is pretty awesome) is the current plan. We will be adding more features and components through time, so it is going to be a lot longer. Check regularly :wink:
  2. We will do a versioning approach instead of a specific date from now on. Whilst we are not expecting any delays per se, we want to put quality first and we want to be able to communicate a bit more about the steps we are taking. We think this is also a more interesting way of following the project. I think especially developers will understand this.
  3. Sit tight when you check it out. It might blow you off your feet. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

what will this Intel and what are your thoughts on Golem

“early next week” - this should be today? :smile:

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It is posted :slight_smile: SingularityNET Releases Updated Roadmaps - #2 by Justjoe

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As u mentioned its an ever-evloving roadmap… but that makes the launch more unpredictable… When u are launching some thing or some service adding new things for the launch will keep on delaying. Shouldnt the things intially planned be released and new stuffs added later as things move along… correct me if that dosent amke sense…

I see what you are saying, but what we meant more with that is that there will also be a new part of the roadmap added as you can see the locks on some things below it. These will be unlocked when all the progress bars are at 100%.

hopefully it can keep track on the timeline to make the community alive, now the community is very inactive and boring.

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it would be nice if there will be added some approximate deadlines on common stages of SNet