Hi Team,

Ben recently indicated that Beta could come within 4 to 6 months. Now one of your admins on the telegram community is saying that Alpha++ will come “fairly shortly.”

My question is, if there will be a version before the Beta version (Alpha++) or if we will have to wait for the Beta.

I realize that you must be tired of questions towards Beta - However, the only form of timeline there is on this matter, is the progress bars that have only been updated once. Therefore it is quite hard to follow.

Followup question: The “very exciting big Chinese partnerships” you said you would announce within a few weeks beginning of august - is there any news on this?


@ibby @tim Maybe you could help?


Hi AgiAgi,

The progress of our move toward Beta can be found here: -

We do not have a firm release date for the Beta at this time. We may add or test different aspects of functionality via the Kovan Test Net, this isn’t exactly an Alpha+ however.

For more information about the China project you can visit our Chinese Site: -

I hope this answers your questions, though if not please feel free to elaborate further :slight_smile:


That was my bad. I miss interpreter something in the context of several talks. Anyways I wont make any more rought estimates as they differed greatly for a while. I always stated that this are my own estimations and I sorry that they were by far off. I apologize for the inconvenience and please look on the bar progress as they are the official source of information.