Anki Robots on OpenCog AI


Hey guys here is a challenge. How to make Anki Robots run on OpnCog AI. Anki is closing down and perhaps the servers Vector is connected with will shut down


If things were open source completely, it wouldn’t matter if one entity stopped doing business, one could easily takes its place. And we can all benefits from its public knowledge.

One thing I’d never go for is a connection to a cloud service, for a multitude of different reasons. Even decentralized, I just don’t want my financial information out there. And the idea of something of a bot collective doesn’t appeal to me.


I don’t understand how using “cloud services” makes you centralized. The hosting industry is not particularly concentrated. I was looking at some providers well down the list and the number 100 still has a solid if small percentage of the market. The issue of centralization is more about governance that anything else.


Pretty much, it depends on how the cloud service is structure. You can have some where you have one giant server farm at google that knows and sees everything.

Or you could have something akin to an ownCloud type situation, which is a lot more preferable to me.

Specifically a cloud service is beneficial, as long as there isn’t a single hive mind “identity” the robots would have, and isn’t primarily concentrated under Google, Microsoft, Apple, or Amazon.


Sure, but in general, all these projects are running all their systems, whether using AWS or a mix of other providers. One group connected to Cardano is doing bare metal deploy in a new data center in Africa somewhere.

But all of this is besides the point. It is possible that much of the infrastructure is configured and maintained largely by the AGIs and a handful of human operators.

Make me think of “Person of Interest” where the AI is starting companies and exporting itself an paper. And at the same time it physically moves out of the center it started in. The destination is of course a big part of the future plots, but the point is that Amazon will run Amazon processes. They could participate in this and other distributed AI projects, but the questions of control and decentralization have little to do what physical hosting.