Agricultural General Intelligence

Agricultural General Intelligence

From bunker-like seedbanks in remote lands to Bill Gates being the number one farmland owner in United States, it is pretty clear how food production will be a key issue in the future. Climate change and an increasing world population are only two of the most important factors in the game.

Can we decentralize food production?

Some AI assistant (or even better, an AI platform) that allows every person in the world to have access to data and algorithms that help grow their own food in a sustainable and efficient way. Services that can help in preventing land degradation and desertification, manage resources like water in an efficient way, diagnose plagues and diseases in the vegetables, knowing the symbiosis between plants, trees, fungi, animals, humans… Helping people with info that allow to design and build their own kind of “permaculture garden” or “food forest” even in one square meter. And the algorithms will be feed with the info that people will provide in an app-like UI. Data about temperature, water, soil quality, the size of the fruits they are producing or even the taste and much more variables.

This way, people from Africa can teach the rest of the world different techniques to prevent desertification and, in the other hand, people from the north countries can teach how to grow food on cold weather or some of the techniques learned with the experience of years of mass production, just to give a couple of examples.

Everyone able to have access to every knowledge about food production just in his smartphone. Let’s take AI out of smart cities and let’s make smart our food, our farms, our lands and our countryside!

I have been running this idea in my head for years and I have enough basic knowledge in AI to know that’s really possible to do in an empowering and democratic way. Just I don’t have the resources to do it by myself, but I would be very happy to live in a world where this kind of things exists. The ultimate revolution, the ultimate freedom for people all around the world.

Then, one step beyond would be decentralize the food distribution, where the small food producers can sell or exchange their products with the people around according with demand, no need of supermarkets and of course no need to bring food from the other side of the planet.

Decentralized food production (every people growing food even in the rooftop) + Decentralized food distribution (people distributing to each other the food they produce)

The AI + Blockchain revolution will grow on everything!