Agricultural General Intelligence

Agricultural General Intelligence

From bunker-like seedbanks in remote lands to Bill Gates being the number one farmland owner in United States, it is pretty clear how food production will be a key issue in the future. Climate change and an increasing world population are only two of the most important factors in the game.

Can we decentralize food production?

Some AI assistant (or even better, an AI platform) that allows every person in the world to have access to data and algorithms that help grow their own food in a sustainable and efficient way. Services that can help in preventing land degradation and desertification, manage resources like water in an efficient way, diagnose plagues and diseases in the vegetables, knowing the symbiosis between plants, trees, fungi, animals, humans… Helping people with info that allow to design and build their own kind of “permaculture garden” or “food forest” even in one square meter. And the algorithms will be feed with the info that people will provide in an app-like UI. Data about temperature, water, soil quality, the size of the fruits they are producing or even the taste and much more variables.

This way, people from Africa can teach the rest of the world different techniques to prevent desertification and, in the other hand, people from the north countries can teach how to grow food on cold weather or some of the techniques learned with the experience of years of mass production, just to give a couple of examples.

Everyone able to have access to every knowledge about food production just in his smartphone. Let’s take AI out of smart cities and let’s make smart our food, our farms, our lands and our countryside!

I have been running this idea in my head for years and I have enough basic knowledge in AI to know that’s really possible to do in an empowering and democratic way. Just I don’t have the resources to do it by myself, but I would be very happy to live in a world where this kind of things exists. The ultimate revolution, the ultimate freedom for people all around the world.

Then, one step beyond would be decentralize the food distribution, where the small food producers can sell or exchange their products with the people around according with demand, no need of supermarkets and of course no need to bring food from the other side of the planet.

Decentralized food production (every people growing food even in the rooftop) + Decentralized food distribution (people distributing to each other the food they produce)

The AI + Blockchain revolution will grow on everything!


Hi JuanMar

Great idea, we have been discussing something similar among some friends and we even
considered the following additional steps:

a. Create a native token on Cardano and leverage AI and smart contracts to establish a decentralized global franchise aiming for full automation of bureacracy and legal requirements. Aim to make all dimensions as automated and simple as possible for anyone to join from any part of the world and start producing and selling or consuming food.

b. Together with AGI build have all decentralized indoor automated food production points update this global AI gardener that optimizes for KPIs both in food quality & resource reduction. ie: make ever tastier, healthier food with less water and energy.

c. Have another AI model to predict food consumption and map the most efficient geographical distribution for those food production nodes optimizing to reduce food wasted and supply as local as it mathematically gets, more carbon reduction with less transport.

d. Copy ADAs and AGIs vision of governance to create a roadmap towards a fully democratized food production network that collectively and assisted by AI owns and manages the Gardener´s knowledge and the protocols of all business brands created on the token.

You could end up having several business layers of food prodution with different brands and target audiences:

  1. production of rare plants through aero and hydroponics, LEDs and controlled enviroments targeting high end restaurants / customers --> is a good example of such business model.

  2. middle range production of beneficial veggies and mushrooms for urban enviroments --> Southwest Mushrooms & Aerofarms are good benchmarks for this category

  3. bulk production of salads with aquaponics and solar energy for areas with cheap land and tons of sun. There is a famous video on youtube of a Farm in Texas that showcases the advantages of aquaponics on bulk lettuce production.

  4. Home indoor gardens for the family, you could add an educational layer to the gardener and design kits for agricultural activities for kids and the family. Gadget, sensors and robotics line could be developed to manage small outside gardens.

  5. Production of medicinal plants and mushrooms

Some examples of non-profit ideas that the network could then finance through a built-in fund such as the Catalyst from Cardano:

  • Finance food production projects in areas with food and water shortages.
  • A network of ships and food producing containers and stores of rice and other basics that could insta deploy to an area where a disaster hits to provide food supply hours after the tragedy.
  • A tea brand for elderly homes with proven benefitial herbs and mushrooms, imagine the potential for medicinal studies here.
  • Food production for schools of low income areas, design a yearly menu to complement the diet and prevent the first stages of life long deficiencies & cronic illnesses.

Ps. I have a very limited technical understanding on the crypto side so if anything from the first 4 points (abcd) is an incorrect asumption or straight out bs please let me know! :wink:

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I’m glad to read that there is a lot of people thinking about the same thing. I think your approach is really interesting. I understand that your proposal is about using the SingularityNet platform architecture to create a new platform that is focused in agricultural AI and the different applications involved in the ecosystem. I guess that could be possible when singularitynet is more developed and meeting his goal of being a platform of platforms. I think there are a ton projects working separatedly in the agriculture technology, many of them already using blockchain for several related purposes. If they can converge on a singularitynet-like platform would make an interesting future for food production/consumption and for the whole humanity as result

P.S: I love all your examples of the several business layers of food production, that’s exactly the way i think it has to be done to be really beneficial for humanity and not only financial purposes

I am going to paste here some of the replies found in the main topic (DEEP Funding brainstorming):




Hi Juan,

This idea is brilliant and, in fact, I have had similar ideas in the past too. I even work for a small start-up in Thailand that has this as a main goal. That is to provide a platform that allows farmers to form a non-zero sum game where the data they provide helps create the next best deep learning model to identify diseases on leaves, pests or even just the general health of the crops.

My startup is moving towards robotics and we want to eventually build guardians that scout the farms and tend to the problems. Combined with satellite and drone data this is a revolution that could help feed the world. Decentralising this on singularityNet is the most utopian way of achieving these goals!!

I would be happy to talk to you about this.

Ethan Connelly.

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I’m glad to hear that there are people already working in this kind of things.

With my limited knowledge, I think Singularity net would be a good platform to integrate different services that belong to the agricultural ecosystem and make them interact with each other, right like in nature everything is part of a complex system and each part help balance the others.

For instance different services (even from different start ups or developers) like disease diganose and drone surveillance can be combined with another water management app and even analyze data on how temperature is affecting the whole.

I would love to discuss this with you and with whoever in the community is interested so I started a new topic in the projects section. See you there!




This makes a lot of sense but it would be ideal to break it up into a bunch of sub-suggestions. Actually OpenCog would be an ideal framework for merging together data from different agriculture services. But making a nice API-based deployment of each individual agriculture service is a decent-sized project in itself I think. (As often, the real work is not in putting the service on Snet, the work is in making a service that’s cleanly API-based so it can get wrapped in Snet) … Do you have any specific ideas about what software would be used for the individual agricultural services you’re thinking of?

SingularityNET Foundation and Arizona State University and Leshan Agricultural institute (in Szechuan) have been talking about similar stuff for a while, e.g. related to automatic diagnosis of crop disease, and estimation of degree of natural carbon sequestration in farms and forests etc. But progress has not been super fast so far, it would be great to see stuff accelerate in this area.