AGI Super Ethics

An AGI in depth study of the entire history of ethics, law, anthroplogy and spirituality, in order to begin clarifying the hard won ethical standards of humanity. This needs to include every case history from the legal system in every country available in order to create greater wisdom from the slow evolutionary progression of ethics.
The goal being the incorporation of refined ethics into AGI without the cumbersome subconscious conflicts and competitive reptilian brain elements of the fallible human mind.


Probably if AI gather information about religions will find to much coincidence and find that all the principles are the same and what it changes isn’t the religion but the region where it’s applied.
It will be found that the religions doesn’t change, only people.
But I agree with you in most cases.

It’s not just ancient and modern religions that need to be studied to discover worthy ethics but the law and also indigenous systems of thought regarding ethics

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