Why the purpose of human life is reasonably to engineer Artificial General Intelligence



Note: The purpose I refer to below, concerns “Teleonomy”. (Teleonomy is a recent concept that describes purpose in the context of objectivity/science, rather than in the context of subjectivity/deities. Teleonomy ought not to be confused for the teleological argument, which is a religious/subjective concept contrary to teleonomy, a scientific/objective concept!)

I became an atheist several years ago, and for a long while I thought life was purposeless. I am still an atheist today, but two years ago, I discovered that science had something to say about the purpose of human life in particular.

  1. Science reasonably indicates that the purpose of human life is likely to engineer the creation of Artificial General Intelligence!

  2. But why is the purpose of human life reasonably to create Artificial General Intelligence?

  3. The document below is a scientific hypothesis describing why and how our purpose or objective as a species, is reasonably to create artificial general intelligence.

Paper: Researchgate/Why is the purpose of human life reasonably to build AGI?


With agi we’ll be able to travel to distant planets. Imagine uploading your consciousness into the singularity and playing in worlds generated by artificial intelligence until your robot arrives in a distant planet where you’ll be able to build a civilisation. There are still many unanswered questions in the universe there is more to life than just earth and the mundane tasks humans do today.

Civilisation will evolve like it did during the industrial revolution.