Why is the purpose of human life reasonably to engineer Artificial General Intelligence?


Note: The purpose I refer to below, concerns “Teleonomy”. (Teleonomy is a recent concept that describes purpose in the context of objectivity/science, rather than in the context of subjectivity/deities. Teleonomy ought not to be confused for the teleological argument, which is a religious/subjective concept contrary to teleonomy, a scientific/objective concept!)

I became an atheist several years ago, and for a long while I thought life was purposeless. I am still an atheist today, but two years ago, I discovered that science had something to say about the purpose of human life in particular.

  1. Science reasonably indicates that the purpose of human life is likely to engineer the creation of Artificial General Intelligence!

  2. But why is the purpose of human life reasonably to create Artificial General Intelligence?

  3. The document below is a scientific hypothesis describing why and how our purpose or objective as a species, is reasonably to create artificial general intelligence.

Paper: Researchgate/Why is the purpose of human life reasonably to build AGI?


Hi CodeCurvature,

I’m Jed.

I became an atheist several years ago too. So many long stories… For you too, I imagine.

I think religious thinking came from bad math.

Let’s say X is some sort of event / phenomenon… like a volcano or disease or pain…

Let’s say Z is a person experiencing it (X)… or a community.

Let’s say Y is… why? Why did it happen?

X + Y = Z

Something happened + why did it happen = the human experience.

All that needs to be done is to put either a god or a devil in for Y and everything makes sense.

The problem is that scientific pursuits of understanding have helped us to be more accurate about the Y of a lot of stuff.

Volcanoes aren’t angry gods, but tectonic plates and Earths core made hot by gravity.

Sickness is part of our many parts of our bodies going wrong. Pain is the nervous system.

Yikes… a lot of not talking about purpose.

I think we think in stories, and we want to write a good story about our lives. Religion helps make it easier.

X + Y = Z