Why is SingularityNET not speaking up about how binance manipulates AGI

or are you in it on the manipulation?

Its ridicoulous that none speaks that out and im sure i get banned for bringing this issue up.

You cant tell me you managed to get listed on binance but yet you cant get listed on any other exchange.

Why are you so cool with the price manipulation from binance?

How do you think you can attract more Investors if your coin is so manipulated by binance?

Nobody gonna buy that coin knowing every pump or every upward movement gets right destroyed by binance.

And than you SingularityNET guys sit there and dont say or do anything, this is ridicoulus.
What company on earth doesnt care about their stock price- name 1 you gotta be the only.

Thatswhy im asking why you pumpin up your ICO and all when you dont care abotu the price- why even bother to trick people out of their money?

what is it, ya all so cool with beeing taken for a ride or to scared of getting kicked out of this channel.

Or just happy your investment doesnt grow since almost 18 month now, while every coin went up in value but AGI.

It is amazing to me to see how many peopel actually suffer from stockholm syndrom.
People are so scared and whiny to speak their mind.

Crypto is full of those mindless people that are just sheeps on the way to the slaughterbank and than they think this is cool

Im sure this is a normal looking chart to all of you, especially in crypto right

i dont even want to say what i really think about ben goertzel and this project cause than you to busy banning me instead of answering my question.

But its all good Ben Goertzel, its all good dude


Of course you won’t be banned for asking such a question, however, I feel you may have gotten the wrong end of the stick on the purpose of the project and indeed the utility of AGI.

To ask these kinds of questions there is a misunderstanding about the use of AGI and what its value is. SingularityNET is creating a platform to globally share and interconnect AI through the use of a utility token called AGI. The value of AGI is in its usage on our platform and isn’t meant to be used to speculatively trade.

We do not/will not and have never supported the secondary speculative trading of AGI.

The AGI token has many utilities on our platform, not least of which is the purchase of AI services which you can already do across the beta release of our platform, and we just taken the first steps towards community governance allowing our token holding community to vote on a Supervisory Council Election.

You can read more about the utility of AGI in the article below, though I highly suspect more utility will emerge over time :slight_smile:

Over the past 18 months we have successfully crowdfunded the project, worked hard to achieve our roadmap as dictated by our whitepaper, we’ve released the beta of our platform and Market DApp where people can buy AI services right now, we’ve released a version 2.0 of our whitepaper, released our SDK and Developer portal with tutorials so developers can register agents to the platform, signed partnership deals with the worlds largest insurance company Ping AN as well as household named brands such as Dominos Pizza, we’ve launched a business incubator in the form of X-Lab, ran an election to create a supervisory council the first instance of community-led governance, Manage and deliver a Podcast, we continuously publish papers, our GitHub continues to grow exponentially, as well as delivering keynote speeches all over the world as well as appearing with Vitalik and being interviewed by Joe Rogan.

Not to mention building and maintaining a community of over 110K stong.

We are now focused on delivering our V2 Roadmap

I hope this explanation helps you see what our project is about, if you have any further questions, please feel free to ask?

All the best,


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