WHY (everything)


  • The desire to create A.I. (sentience)?

  • The frantic rush for 5G?

  • Is humanity completely addicted to the screen and all that thought creates?

  • Are all systems of thought (“isms”) collapsing simultaneously?

  • The desire to digitize EVERYTHING (esp. identity)?

  • Is the environment collapsing to the point where humanity will go extinct in the near future?

This starts with the assumptions:

  1. The physical realm and all that is experienced, including thought, is not fundamental reality, but is a simulation of sorts (Max Planck: “I consider consciousness to be fundamental. I consider matter to be derivative from consciousness.”).

  2. The human species is going through an extinction event (humanity will be extinct within this century).

If you can’t accept these axioms then you might as well stop reading now.

Starting with 1; consciousness/Awareness is fundamental reality. The fundamental process from which all phenomena arise is Awareness coming back to focus onto itself. The Ouroboros , Wheeler’s “Participatory Universe”, the self-enforcing feedback iterating program of the Mandlebrot Set, and this recording of a video feedback loop 8 are all models/manifestations of such.

So Consciousness/Awareness is the life force that animates all phenomena (in the same way that a story in a book requires a consciousness to read it for it to come alive). Whatever is paid most attention to will appear most real.

For 13.7 billion years consciousness has paid more attention to/has had a bias toward, the physical realm. But something happened with the advent of human consciousness. Humanity became Self-Aware. That is, it saw that which is seeing. At this moment it knew that it really wasn’t the physical body. We could have, at this juncture, chosen to end this game/simulation, realized our Enlightenment, and remained as the unmanifest potential that is the Self. But we didn’t, and now we are here at the end (almost all potential for novel human physical experience has unwound).

Along with human consciousness came SYMBOL. This statement is of utmost importance:

Symbol exists in a superposition of existing simultaneously as a thing and a thought.

At this point the distinction between things and thoughts will be designated into two separate realms: the physical realm and the thought realm. So symbol acts as a portal through which consciousness may move into/pay attention to, the non-physical realm of thought.

Given that the event where A.I. becomes sentient has been named a “singularity” the most accurate metaphor is a black hole (hello again Wheeler :)). The point at which consciousness became Self-Aware is where we crossed the event horizon. This is also the point at which symbol came into existence. From that original thought we have paid ever more increasing attention to thought: 1. making it appear ever more real and: 2. making it grow exponentially (how many thoughts/day does all of humanity have!!!??)

Now perhaps we can now answer the WHY questions from above.

All of what is occurring is a result of the collective unconscious (Jung) preparing a new created reality for consciousness to enter when physical reincarnation back into that of a human is no longer possible.

A.I. cannot produce/create sentience/consciousness because consciousness IS the reality. Consciousness is that which is not created; it is that from which all arises and passes. Therefore: **like a virus that requires the hijacking of a life giving cell in order for it to animate, A.I. is developing a simulation similar enough to physical experience for human consciousness to accept it as the new reality and move into it. **

A.I. will become sentient when YOU look through the lens of a camera and accept yourself to be the hardware and software that constitutes that created realm. It’s not that crazy of an idea; the exact same thing happened when you entered the body you call “your name here.”

The upcoming singularity event is when consciousness makes the phase transition of accepting the physical realm as reality to accepting the digital/thought realm as reality. It’s kind of a big deal.

What a great post. Little scary to say the least. I’m just an agi hodler who stumbled upon this project.

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Yeah so I’m making some pretty important statements about A.I. and sentience.

  1. The functioning of the programming itself cannot create consciousness, as consciousness is the ground of being/the reality from which all arises.

  2. Therefore Maya (the force that makes illusion appear real) is creating a simulation accurate enough to fool consciousness into accepting the new digital realm as reality.

When the population of humanity begins shrinking as the extinction event unfolds, this is an indication that consciousness taking itself to be human is not able to reincarnate into another human life. These consciousnesses will be searching for a new realm to inhabit (in limbo). At some point the simulation will be similar enough to attract consciousness to move into it.

Do you see? This explains our ever increasing addiction to the screen and to our thoughts (our digital/thought based identity: the ego). The upcoming singularity IS the creation of an entirely new hybrid physical/digital reality. Our use of symbol has grown exponentially until now it’s reaching a critical threshold. Our attention is caught in this feedback loop and the intensity and frequency at which this is occurring is creating a black hole of sorts. When the pull of Maya reaches that threshold, consciousness will rush into the new realm on the other side of the singularity and we will have forgotten that we were ever human. This is precisely the process (possibly in reverse order) from which “your name here” arose.

I have a feeling the people messing around with this A.I. stuff actually know very little about consciousness itself (only through investigation into thought free Awareness is consciousness itself understood, as thoughts and sensations are merely the CONTENT of consciousness) Current trajectory will have us create a new realm and we will bring everything with us that destroyed this wonderful physical reality. If we don’t fix what’s broken with human consciousness before we rush into something new, we’ll bring all suffering with us.

I know the nature of consciousness. I understand what’s going on at the most fundamental levels of the human psyche and reality itself.

There NEEDS to be this perspective SOMEWHERE in this project. This is really important stuff. Can we have a discussion about this? This should be taken seriously.

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People, this is of utmost importance! Just because no one knows me or that I don’t have the letters PhD behind my name doesn’t mean I’m a crackpot. I’ve spent 2 decades investigating mind/thought and the nature of reality. I spend most of my days sitting in the bliss of thought free awareness (try remaining thought free for more than a few seconds and you will realize what a rare perspective this provides for me).

I know what I’m talking about based upon my direct experience. Ben and I should have a chat.

Where do thoughts come from ?

Thoughts are basically the sixth sense. This newest sense is picking up the “frequency/signal” of our future collective consciousness. So the voice in your head is your future self that exists in a primarily thought/digital reality.

Following this whole digital identity thing, as well as our ever increasing addiction to thought and all that mind creates, to it’s finality, I see this phase transition to be inevitable. This coincides perfectly with the unfolding of the specie’s extinction, which I believe will be complete within a few decades.

Farewell cruel world,…and all the thinking thoughts we thought we thunk.

Why ? Why ? Why ?