Where is my token?

Greetings. I bought AGI on Tidex a few years ago. Any idea where to access it now since it was delisted? Thank you Lauren

I don’t know but I really do think that this is direct responsibility first and foremost of the exchange platform you bought AGI from. Have you tried contacting Tidex for this issue? I think you’d have to attempt finding the wallet in your Tidex account (hopefully it will still be there, only it’s not possible to trade.) You do have access to your Tidex, right? Perhaps it’s still possible to withdraw it and you can send it to your SingularityNET account to have your tokens.

Also, I think that conversing about token issues is not encouraged on this board. This is a technical issue and you’d have to first deal with Tidex, which would be responsible for holding your AGI wallet (probably.)

Best of luck.