Where are my agi/agix tokens

Hello all, can anyone help me please? I had all my AGI tokens in my ETH ledger Nano wallet at the time of the snapshot. Now this wallet shows ZERO AGI. Where are they gone? My AGI tokens gone and there are no AGIX to be found? By the way I have sent several emails to SingularityNet team but anyone has replied.

hi, did you finally get an answer?
possibly, you may have to add the token under “custom token” in your wallet - first add the token address (look it up on etherscan via a google search for AGIX token), as your paste the designated address in, it will then fill in the token name and all related infos…

Updating to latest vresion of Ledger will now show them, does not explain AGI turning to zero, Ledger users report only seeing the AGI tokens and not the AGIX, but not them going to zero.