When will you advertise your project?

I was looking at the beta site of singulartiy net and i gotta say your AIs are used by virtually noone and the ones that are beeing used get only negativ feedback

And the CEO worrys about pokemons and getting high on shrooms while binance manipulates the price of your shitcoin.
Im not hating on shrooms but arent we supposed to make money here?

But the way this project looks is a desaster- Sophia sucks- your mainnet or whatever you call your aigents are basically garbage and get only negative feedback.

What can you say about that?

Just my 2 cents for what it is worth. I have no skin in the game, do not have a wallet or even the ability to code. I’m a blue collar self employed contractor with an interest in global trends. After 40 years of customer and employee relations, I can spot a whiner when I see one.

Some people do things, they are doers , and others attack them, sometimes because they are having a hard time expressing themselves or perhaps feel they are not being heard. Some times, a person may lack confidence and simply attack others as a way to boost their own position.

If another contractor comes onto my site, and starts criticizing my work to the customer or my employees , I generally ask why they are there. What is their interest ?

What is your motivation ?

I have a suggestion for you, start a new topic. Call it… Cheese and Crackers. Put it in the Random section.

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Everyone is entitled to an opinion and we welcome feedback and critical thinking. We expect our community to respect each others opinions no matter how different to their own they maybe.

Where we draw the line however is when a negative opinion is repeated numerous times with the express purpose of causing disruption.

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