When Can I Begin Staking AGI Tokens With Proof of Reputation?




  1. When can tokens begin being staked for proof of reputation?

  2. What percentage staking per year for the inflation curve to 1 billion AGI hardcap?

  3. Will stakers be paid a portion of the value the AI nodes produce plus newly minted AGI coins from inflation? Or will stakers only receive minted AGI tokens from inflation?

  4. If an aigent acts maliciously for some reason that you staked on, does the staker risk losing all of his staked AGI tokens?

We are preparing these questions and answers for our Chinese media outlets in the blockchain space throughout Asia, to further inform Chinese speaking investors as to the advantages of SingularityNET staking.

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Not a Mod, but these questions have already been answered:

  1. At release in december is the assumption so far.
  2. Is AGI inflationary?
  3. portion which is shared between all the stakers, again read here; Is AGI inflationary?
  4. “staking”…you’ll loose it, it is supposed to be decentralized, nothing they can do then.


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