What will be the future of work?


Theme finale discussion centred around the future of work, what will be the future of work in the near-, mid-, and long-term?

A Huge thank you for those of you who took part and remember even though we will move to a new theme next week, you are more than welcome to continue discussing this compelling subject. Following this discussion, we will open the category for you to continue posting threads surrounding this subject.

So to go back to the theme question, given automation, the rise of AI and robotics, decentralisation and sociopolitical changes what exactly do you think the future of work is?

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Currently there is a lack of employees almost everywhere. There are new companies and new industries and new markets opening that require lots and lots of people. There are 2 huge skill gaps (companies need more skilled people than how many are available in the market):

  1. technical skills (biggest in IT but not just IT). We even can not find a plumber!
  2. soft skills (leadership skills, communication with people, empathy, selling stuff to people…). This gap is said to be EVEN bigger than the first one.

And these gaps are currently getting bigger, not smaller.

Short term we will see automation of the routine tasks and ANI almost everywhere. I don’t think people will be replaced by machines, most of them will be able to work together with machines/AI and the tasks humans are responsible for will change. They will create much more with lower costs / higher quality / higher customisation and personal care, etc…

Salaries will go up and gaps between countries will be shrinking due to globalisation and global work force.

AI will do amazing stuff but will lack the general intelligence so people will be still needed everywhere.

Then, suddenly (I think sometimes between years 2035 - 2065), ANI will go AGI and things will most probably change dramatically. AGI won’t stay on a human level for a long period of time, most probably will be superhuman in an instant. Very quickly it will be able to do every task better than a human employee and the skill gaps will be filled. What happens next depends on who owns the AGI and what the AGIs goals are but work as we know it now will cease to exist.