What studies do you think will become obsolete and why?

The world has evolved significantly over the past century through the introduction of computers and other modern technology. Courses taught in schools and colleges have had to keep up with the pace of the advances.

In the world of tomorrow, the rise of artificial intelligence and other emerging technologies will likely mean many of the core subjects we now teach will also become obsolete.

Therefore today on #AGICHAT we ask ‘What subjects do you think will become obsolete and why?’

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Part where children have to learn so many unimportant facts.

On the other side, I believe there will be more meditation, personal development courses. At least, I hope so. :slight_smile:

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I think Languages, I don’t think we will teach languages anymore because we will have universal translators that can do all of that.

But instead, I think the lessons that were dedicated to language would change to more that of understanding a culture. Now one might argue that to understand a culture you must understand the language so it is kind of a catch 22.

Hi, to me we could teach more about humanity and social care.
History with purpose and not as obligation.