What public services do you think could be better governed autonomously?

Redistribution of resources and roles in the public sector demands that organisations increase productivity, meet key performance indicators and be more connected to the consumers while delivering higher-quality services.

from digitisation which bolts new technology onto old processes, towards a comprehensive revision of policies, processes and services to create simpler user experiences for citizens and frontline workers alike.

If you have a mess and automate it, you have an automated mess, so what is required is a rethink, and to achieve this requires a change in the governance of the organisation.

Automation is already been rolled out by the public sector in areas such as:

Central Government

Universal Credit and benefits calculations, tax calculations, anti-fraud checks, licensing applications processing.

Local Government - Revenue collection, permit applications, incident reporting, case management, contract administration.

Policing - Traffic control, fixed penalty processing, intelligence reporting, crime reporting, firearms licence processing and replacing the need for officers to double key the same information into different systems.

Health - Coding, diagnostics, discharge processing, outpatient clinic outcomes, cashing up, always available drone defibrillators,

Education - Managing admissions and enrolments, student timetabling and estates utilisation, student finance management, course assessment data handling, alumni database maintenance.

Public Transport - Automated public transit systems, busses, trains, trams and other autonomous vehicles that can be licenced such as UBER etc.

Other Public services - Autonomous road sweepers, gardeners and cleaners, plus so many more.

These technologies can all be interconnected and operate together with perfect synchronicity controlled by a Decentralised Autonomous organisation overseeing the governance. This is what is known as a Smart City.

Today on #AGICHAT we wonder what you think about these ideas and usages of automation. Let’s discuss:

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The DMV for sure! Any such services that normally requires getting there super early, standing in a long line, and possibly going home empty-handed because of a requirement not met. Automation could ensure at the beginning that all required documents are present (eventually may be even able to upload them), to avoid wasting time. Also help the queues move along faster. Examples of such services could be renewing passports, licenses, vehicle registration/inspection, medical insurance. Some of these services are automated to a certain degree in certain places, but I have not seen any be fully autonomous to this day, especially in disadvantaged/“poor” neighborhoods.


Actually, automating AGI police on the street might be useful. There used to be ‘the Bobby on the Beat’ in Britain when I was a kid. Now there is not enough money for such a service. I always found it reassuring to see patrols. There are a few (usually two together now for safety) but this could be better accomplished by AGI who can call in reinforcements in an instant if required. They would be better than humans because they can record and upload video, sound and log all activity simultaneously while restraining an individual committing an illegal act.

What do you think? Or does this sound too much like RoboCop?


In some cases an support to the patrol isn’t a bad idea, but is difficult, probably something like a kind of bodycam connected to the headquarters.
Something like a equipment that is connected with the vital signs of the person and in a case of health problem could warning the central and immediately by GPS software give the exact location.
But for a police idea I can give lots of ideas because I know well the main difficulties including in investigations.


Would love to see Dept of Ag bring run without Oligarchs and corporate lobbyists making policy.

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Free markets better represent autonomy, than a monopoly. Public-sector is still based on representing capitalism.