What kind of world would we like for our children, and how can the future of work help?

How can we best prepare the next generation(s)? What would their world and work look like generally speaking?


Our children learn from us in myriad ways, consciously and unconsciously borrowing behaviours and attitudes, and the values they reflect. Most of us approach Work in a way that is largely predicated upon survival and adapting to the way the world is and the way we anticipate it will continue to unfold. What if the way the world operates today is the result of maladaptations and non-optimal behaviours that reflect the lower capabilities of human consciousness? Children and future generations represent an opportunity for reset and renewal. If we learn from and with our children, we can be inspired to make changes for the future, much in the way the parents already make sacrifices for their children, such as saving money and giving gifts for their growth and enjoyment. The Future of Work can start with the now; how we approach work now, and creating systems and refashioning existing ones so that they operate from higher aspects of consciousness. This means also committing to improving one’s own mind and life, training up those qualities so that they make their way into behavior and so that the children in our household and the children in our society can pick up on those and inherit a more beneficial, compassionate, and functional society, culture, and work dynamic.