What is the safest way to store AGI tokens?



What is the safest way to store AGI tokens?


As far as I know the safest way is hardware wallet, for example, Ledger Nano S or Trezor. Also it’s always important not to share the private key of your wallet with somebody, not install some suspicious software from untrusted sources and avoid visiting suspicious websites.


I second this! I use a ledger combined with a myetherwallet. I personally think that it provides a good overview of your wallet and options.


I agree with the Ledger Nano S or Trezor combined with MyEtherWallet.

When sending your AGI tokens to your Ledger Nano S make sure to check and recheck and then enter the correct Send Ether & Tokens | To Address for your Ledger Nano S.

When I first used the combination, I noticed a missing last character on my Ledger Nano S. However, there was a recent upgrade and I believe this problem has been fixed.

The point here is to MAKE SURE to send to YOUR CORRECT Ledger Nano S address and not inadvertently send elsewhere.

You might review this article to start https://www.easycoinbuy.com/how-to/how-to-use-a-ledger-wallet-with-mew

When you get to “How to See Your Tokens” use the following:

Address: 0x8eB24319393716668D768dCEC29356ae9CfFe285
Symbol: AGI
Decimals: 8

I hope this helps!


What will be the safest way to store tokens when we leave ERC? I guess Ledger or Trezor won’t support it right away.


It depends on what we will pick. :slight_smile: For ledger I know you can actually create an app yourself and submit it to ledger for it to integrate.

Also see:


Be careful when using hardware wallets, only buy it DIRECTLY from a reputable company!
My advice is; simply offline generate wallet(MEW offline wallet HTML), print it/type it(privatekey+address) - send the agi/other tokens to it
Another alternative is to just use the password protected wallet file MEW generates, just make sure you use a secure password, add an extra secure char to your normal password, just to be super paranoid, name the file something dumb, not related to crypto.
Above would be my safest way of storing it.

Though I myself only have a txt file named something random with no backup on my desktop, living the life dangerously.


Send them to me I can hold them for you lol!
I agree on Ledger and I also have multiple ETH addresses too.
Don’t put all your eggs in one basket, whether it’s 100K or a half dozen.


I use TRUST (android).