What is the meaning of 42?


What is the meaning of 42?

For some reason, I was hired on 4/2.

:thinking: :thinking:


What is 6 times 9? :wink:


minus 12 = 42!
damn that’s deep :slight_smile:


Hailing from Amsterdam, thought you might’ve been hired on 4/20. :thinking:


If you were hired on 4/20 I can’t imagine what 3/14 signifies
.btw I’m not likeing the main post out sheer facepalmery


4/20 would be a real ride. But it was 4/2. Lol.


Lol. I was hired on 9/11

And 42 is the meaning of life!!!
Or math


It means that you should celebrate Towel Day especially hard this year. :smile:


hehe hash towels :slight_smile:


I tend to think too much, but maybe not as much as deep thought…

My honest opinion on the meaning of 42 and ultimately what the question is…

You see the universe is a fluid… I mean this both literally as well as metaphorically… The statement could be considered oxymoronic, but allow me to explain…

To obtain any meaning from the answer of 42, one must first understand the question. Which is the joke in the hitchhikers guide, how could the answer to the ultimate question of “What is the answer to life, the universe and everything”, be 42?

Well to understand this one must first realise that the answer could be any number… Because the question in essence is asking for a meaning, and deep thought found one…

Meaning is a subjective collection of ideas about a set of data.

The reason it seemed to take deep thought so long to create an answer was, it had to gather all the information in the universe (an impossible task), it also had to process this information.

Now what math and what method it used to process the information would ultimately affect the answer.

Given it could process using a near infinite number of ways, the answer could of been anything.

The greatest cosmic questions then about why was the answer 42, is more about realising the question makes only as much sense as the system used to measure it.

And I am a huge advocate of loop quantum gravity… Which when applied to looking at spacetime, it essentially acts as a multidimensional fluid… It also predicts that dark matter is spacetime viscosity…

But that’s for another discussion I think :slight_smile:


Then we just need some good spacetime lube and we’re set.


Not surprised at all. Even if it was subconscious, the number 42 is ingrained in every geek’s DNA.

The scientific explanation is that trans-dimentional beings, or mice, created a planet-sized computer to answer the question, “What’s the answer to life, the universe and everything?”

The answer came back “42”.

So they had to commission the construction of an even more powerful computer that could calculate the answer to, “What does 42 mean?”

You might get an answer some day, as you are currently living on that supercomputer, Earth. But get your answer before the Vogons start boring you with their poetry.


I once used ‘So long… and thanks for all the fish’ as the subject of a resignation email :slight_smile:

It was also used by Samantha Cristoforettis’ last tweet from the International Space Station before she left, after spending six months there… Her expedition was number 42.


6 * 9 = 42
9 = 6
4 + 2 = 6
666 = XES (Greek) = Sex :grinning:


Level 42 - Something About You



So the Earth was really a kind of big thought 2… or thoughty two?


Deep thought


Haha of course… This is what happens when one puts little thought into a reply lol :slight_smile:


The meaning of 42 might be 1.

42 may represent the root value of the universal law governing truth. Whether human, cyborg, or AI, there is only one truth. Truth is a universal cornerstone.

42… truth, just might be the single most important record in the blockchain required for the Singularity and its collective mindset.