What is the Correct Way to

Hello Team,

Terribly sorry if I’ve missed something that is available but I just can’t seem to find any tips on this.

I bought some AGI when it first released (oops) and it’s lived on the exchange I bought it on since then. I’m hoping to transfer it to the platform here and start using some of the tools in the beta platform. But for the life of me I can;t find any instruction on doing that. Within my SingularityNet account I have no options for My Wallet. Within MetaMask there doesn;t seem to be an AGI option, and I know SingularityNet is working with Cardano on a partnership so I’m not sure if I have to wait until that is formalised or if there is a current way to get this done.

Any feedback would be appreciated!!

Kind regards

Hey Baron,

You can add AGI as a token to your meta mask wallet and receive it their using your ETH address.

You can find instructions on how to do this here: