What can I do with an AGI token?



What can I do with an AGI token?


AGI tokens can be used for purchasing & staking AI services in SingularityNET network.


In the future, once SingularityNET is more mature, the question will become: What can’t you do with AGI tokens?

In the near-term and before the first scalable 1.0 release (December 2018) of the platform, AGI tokens will be useful to developers that wish to test out the platform before the main release.

In the future, once the first enterprise-ready, scalable, version 1.0 release of SingularityNET is released into the wild, one will be able to purchase AIaaS (Artificial Intelligence as a Service) on the network with AGI tokens.

Additionally, for those interested in developing AI Agent nodes or wrapping up their current AI algorithms (possibly dormant on GitHub) for use on the network with the SNET API, your node will be able to earn AGI tokens as this is the medium of exchange for AI Agents on the network.


Here is a decent primer on the AGI token written by the team. As mentioned above, functionality will increase proportionally with the development of the platform, so expect an update on this article later this year.