What are we doing to attract developers to buy and sell on the AI marketplace?

I see only SingularityNET-provided services in the AI Marketplace.
How are we doing in terms of API calls compared to what is happening in the outside world? Can data about API calls be provided to investors?
How and how much are developers monetizing inside and outside of SNetwork?
And finally, what are we doing and planning to do (I expect we’ll have to wait the switch to ADA-AGI for a serious push) to attract them, both selling and buying?
Can we run state-of-the-art AI services on this network or we are missing what the market is already doing and going to do and why? For example, from a technological point of view, why should using an AI service on SNet servers be better than on my own server or other specialized servers?

I am also interested to hear the answer to this question. It appears as though the inclusion and creation of AI services from outside developers will be critical for long term success of a true decentralized AGI, but I can’t find anything specific around the plan to attract, retain, and significantly expand the range of services offered.

It might be that this is a later part of the roadmap, which is fine, but clarification would be helpful.

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Yeah I received a similar reply on Discord: it’s still too early; they are focusing on creating the right environment first, and having lower fees once transitioned to Cardano will help.

For sure get the foundation of S-net built but that must be close enough with the various spin-offs coming soon.

Even while building out, shouldn’t there be a team who is dedicated to onboarding other AI’s projects to the fullest extent possible? Is there a team?

From January 1st to April 12th of this year there were 442 AI-Startups funded by venture capital in the US.

Have someone reach out to all those startups. Get them in the S-net fold as soon as possible.

How is this not a good idea?