Well I seemed to hit the jackpot,

As far as finding a weird discord community. Is it just me, or is there a lot of racist meme tossing, and less genuine discussion about topics related to artificial intelligence?

I’m contemplating leaving a couple of them, as other than the research paper and course section, which I can literally find just about anywhere, they’re not offering information that actually unique.

One guy even was ballzy enough to propose that programming wasn’t important, that the math behind it was.

You’re math may be great in all, but without programmers, you have nothing. At least until machine can program themselves.

I’m also fairly confident, one guy was impersonating Geoffrey Hinton. It doesn’t seem like Goeffrey would even really have the time to hang out on discord.

There’s a few heavy hitters on Twitter and in Facebook groups… a lot of crypto threads on telegram. Open source communities on GitHub if you enjoy code at the coalface… have you considered an ai agent? I use Twitter for the publish or perish competition. Lol, at this stage I am trying to stay open source… broad acre open cast seeding is expensive and Weather responsive. Seed funding… first Winter rains arrived in my village two days ago… good rains heading inland. :neutral_face::dash::deciduous_tree::leaves:

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I might consider an ai agent, what exactly would this intel?

@akolonin… our StPetersburg office.

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Looking at his background, sounds like a swell dude.

The bits about AI governance is interesting. I wasn’t sure when you said agent whether you mean: personal representative (ex. literary agent), agent as in individual agency, or artificial agent.

English is weird, in that, as Chomsky has mentioned words mean something, and yet paradoxically are used in a way that renders them meaningless.

(French is a mess I heard, but I like romance languages better.)

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Yes, more Latin roots in French perhaps… :revolving_hearts:
Liquid democracy is ideal, the challenge appears to be in the human condition…
The World becomes less liquid after the umbilical is cut. We nurture our skin to dampen sensation and by voting age probing of the hardened crust can be difficult emotionally. Probing the dry surface looking for a liquid core to tap for our group wisdom is the current Frontier.
“How many probes, how deep?!?.. ummm” skin sample maybe?.." lol
(I consider blockchain POS a skin sample…)
And back to the triple line. :slight_smile:

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If I understand what you mean, would the blockchain be closer to a skin sample or a full vat glown body suit?

Yes, blockchains can be externally layered, internally forked and have the capacity to evolve…

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