We need to combat this

Cardano and AGI.

Combating anything in a subjective reality is fruitless. but, this is confusing, are we combating the notion of unsustainable capitalism, or the guy in the video who advocates predatory capitalism ?

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At this point, I’m more concerned with predatory “democratic socialism”, which is a unicorn and just a veil over communism. #Trump2020.

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wieso macht man so ein video wenn man was sinvolleres tun könnte für menschen wie mich also zb mir dienen mir essen kaufen oder geld schenken DIESES VIDEO BRINGT MIR NICHTS

the path out of ALL suffering is through the space between thoughts.

Take up a regular meditation practice and find the thought free state. It may be very difficult at first, but stillness of mind is the only way to peace. Peace is a still mind.

An addiction to the screen will make this endeavor very difficult, as the screen revs up the mind. Turn attention away from the screen and onto the space between thoughts, if you wish to lessen suffering.

give me money and dont speak to me stupid shit

I see you do not wish to lessen suffering.

Carry on.