VR/AR Lounge for musicians and all things music

Title says it all. I would love to see a safe, public or private virtual environment. Where people could join to preform or spectate other people preform any instrument, in any genre of the vast world of music. I’m sure someone out there is already working on this, but I never seen anything good yet. May be a job for AGI!

I don’t know if there is some kind of synchronity programs built inside the AI but … Literaly two days ago i was discussing with a friend of mind about my vision of a new kind of concert more like an experimental project that could explore both visual and musical interacting with an AI and could be suprising as much for the audience than the performers. And maybe if we could bring the audience to choose participating in the performance or not … Kind of the spirit you have arround a swiming pool jump in or not everyone enjoye the moment as a commun

Yes, I think it would create an amazing leap forward in the creation of new music and culture. A true symphony of the world. Unfortunately, I’ve worked in the trades and agriculture industry my whole life, and only recently been teaching myself software development. I quickly realized how was vast this agi tech universe really is. Hopefully, people out there with a different skill set, and life circumstances, have the time and passion to work on such a project. One can still dream!

Agriculture, i made a prototype of a geodesic greenhouse arround 24ft diametre and 12ft high… My goal is that it could be fit in a kit and easily put in a not a big deal box to be ship anywhere … I have no ressources is it something you could help me with?..

That does sound like an interesting project Remi. I would love to see the design, this may be another synchronicity thing happening, but I was recently considering building a larger greenhouse for myself this season.

That would be cool I could totally get in on that. Let’s do stuff

Hahahaha I love doin stuff! What stuff are you in too?