We are probably going to need a secure voting system for our Democratic process of platform governance.


yes, we do need such a system, is it voting system as well implemented in blockchain


Yes , I think block chain is the way to go. Alliance contract?


One of the functions of the AGI token is governance ;).


The smart contract?


Does it vote? Lol


Seriously these are human responsibilities and we need to develop community competencies in these areas.



I am not a bot… :wink:


Take a look at Votem ICO. You can use their protocols eventually. Emin advises them, top notch project.


Cheers there’s an oz based one called Myvote that have started doing local polls in the US and did the referendum in Scotland recently. If snet decide to alliance contract rather than go in house, I guess they will tender somehow…


That sounds like a nice project. Is it open source?


Don’t know…


Please only actionable feedback in the #feedback category or general thoughts (which will be moved to the #feedback:sounding-board. Since I saw the discussion continued here about open source options, I moved it to the #blockchain category.

@examachine myvote doesn’t seem open source btw.


That’s too bad. For improved security, I would demand open source. How do you know there is not a backdoor? It would be really nice to have an open source project that rigorously implements peer-reviewed, security-audited decentralized cryptographic voting protocols. This may seem like an easy thing to do, and perhaps Votem project will mostly provide that, but it also looks like it would be a great idea to make such a general-purpose facility available in SingularityNET codebase. Other crypto projects could use such a thing, as well. I feel ignorant for not knowing the full spectrum of these protocols, but I know that it’s an area that significant advancements are seldom made (based on the few articles I’ve seen). Any opinions?


Yes, I agree, with you. Open source when practical… Gaming the vote is a risk. Let’s call kyc “voter registration.”.