Voting Instructions

The following instructions are meant to guide AGI token holders through the voting process on the change in staking periods.

To learn more about the hard fork and the reasons behind it, please read this blog post.

Note: For your vote to be considered, your AGI balance on the voting wallet cannot be moved during the voting period.

  1. Install Metamask
  1. Be sure you have at least 1 AGI token in your Metamask/Hardware wallet for your vote to be considered (your vote’s weight is determined according to your AGI balance)
  2. Click the “VOTE” button in front of your preferred option
  3. Once you have selected your option, click “SIGN & CONFIRM”
  4. A Metamask pop-up will appear, click “SIGN”
  5. Do not move the AGI tokens in that wallet until the voting period is over


  1. The voting period will last for 48hrs.
  2. Token holders can participate by signing a message with their Ethereum wallet that weights their vote according to the AGI balance on their voting wallet.
  3. Your vote will only be submitted once you click on “SIGN & CONFIRM”.
  4. After the voting period is over, there will be a blockchain audit to disqualify voters who have not kept their AGI tokens frozen for 48hrs. This ensures voters can only vote once with their entire AGI balance, thus preventing manipulation.