Ultimate Workflow

A User wants to know “how to?” achieve something. The idea is essentially a decentralized Workflow generator that acts as Oracle by default – using the best available references - and Genie where possible and authorized – using best available technologies in the Decision Space at the time.

Language processing could concentrate on the syntax of each request and any success criteria to build a generic framework or “best practice Corpus”.

The User creates a query of the form “how do I…” and could specify sensitive criteria for success based on cost, reliability, speed etc. Some crude examples:

  • “how do I make money from art?” → consider AI paintings, Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and starting a bidding war on a Blockchain Marketplace
  • “how do I make something I can see?” → from picture or 3D (VR) artefact to photogrammetry and 3D processing to CAD to slicing software to 3D printer
  • “how do I control my finances, make the best of them and trust the actions I take?” → from “loose change” to a safe Cryptocurrency hoard…

The Oracle / AI Agent can learn to enrich the request as the Corpus is built, and iterate to complexity as necessary. Consider a Business application:

  • from “How do I get this document approved?” to
  • “How do I send a document out for multiple review according to a predetermined list, with appropriate response & progress tracking, and have a mechanism for capturing comments which can be exposed for Audit trail purposes?”.

The Agent would act with other ANIs+ to provide as detailed and specialist a response as necessary in context, and/or provide a reliable template from which specifics can be derived. For example: “How do I best protect my workers and my business in a Fire emergency?”:

  • Conform to a risk-managed Emergency Protection and Response Plan
  • Enable the optimum evacuation of Persons at risk
  • Enable risk-optimized extinguishing
  • Summon the Emergency Responses as necessary
  • Isolate Risk Areas from Services that may cause harm and would not be required for assistance
  • Confirm that the Safe locations are accessible past the Risk Areas
  • Confirm that all Persons at risk are accounted for…