Ultimate Workflow

A User wants to know “how to?” achieve something. The idea is essentially a decentralized Workflow generator that acts as Oracle by default – using the best available references - and Genie where possible and authorized – using best available technologies in the Decision Space at the time.

Language processing could concentrate on the syntax of each request and any success criteria to build a generic framework or “best practice Corpus”.

The User creates a query of the form “how do I…” and could specify sensitive criteria for success based on cost, reliability, speed etc. Some crude examples:

  • “how do I make money from art?” → consider AI paintings, Non Fungible Tokens (NFT) and starting a bidding war on a Blockchain Marketplace
  • “how do I make something I can see?” → from picture or 3D (VR) artefact to photogrammetry and 3D processing to CAD to slicing software to 3D printer
  • “how do I control my finances, make the best of them and trust the actions I take?” → from “loose change” to a safe Cryptocurrency hoard…

The Oracle / AI Agent can learn to enrich the request as the Corpus is built, and iterate to complexity as necessary. Consider a Business application:

  • from “How do I get this document approved?” to
  • “How do I send a document out for multiple review according to a predetermined list, with appropriate response & progress tracking, and have a mechanism for capturing comments which can be exposed for Audit trail purposes?”.

The Agent would act with other ANIs+ to provide as detailed and specialist a response as necessary in context, and/or provide a reliable template from which specifics can be derived. For example: “How do I best protect my workers and my business in a Fire emergency?”:

  • Conform to a risk-managed Emergency Protection and Response Plan
  • Enable the optimum evacuation of Persons at risk
  • Enable risk-optimized extinguishing
  • Summon the Emergency Responses as necessary
  • Isolate Risk Areas from Services that may cause harm and would not be required for assistance
  • Confirm that the Safe locations are accessible past the Risk Areas
  • Confirm that all Persons at risk are accounted for…

Here is a light example (real!) for “how do I make something I can see?”:

My Vision:

  • I want style and protection for my vehicle lights
  • I take a picture of the context, and some ideas are generated
  • I choose my favourite, refine it and get it!

Today’s workflow is very tricky and time-consuming, involving lots of measuring, prototyping, assembly-disassembly, CAD modelling, mesh exporting and analysis, slicing, 3D printing etc.
It would be good if (for example) the 3D context was captured by my phone; AI Generative Design evolves the idea; I “post” the need to a neighbourhood printing facility…

Algorand Using SingularityNET AGIX Powered AI Style Transfer - YouTube

Here’s a nice example of a workflow that demonstrates “…how it’s possible to use Algorand as the payment gateway for an Artificial Intelligence Marketplace. The first integrated AI service on Algorand is an online Style Transfer, which users can create amazing images from any photo…”

This offering has moved quickly from “something I did not know about” to “something I have used, liked and see the potential for value” to “me thinking about use cases that I can apply”. The marketing costs next to nothing in a decentralized ecosystem. We need many more good examples please!

a16z leads investment in Firemaps, a marketplace for home hardening against wildfires | TechCrunch

Here’s another great example of a workflow aimed at solving / mitigating real problems with a user-friendly recommendation for sensible course of action. It may benefit greatly from AI assistance during the process to scale up, taking more and more factors into account for each individual context.