Ultimate Watchman

A passive support service, scalable from a personal need to a Business enterprise, and acting as an “Oracle”.
The goal is for the service (e.g. AI Agent(s) ) to “watch disparate factors that may impact the context; make intelligent associations and deductions; provide beneficial recommendations”.

There could be specific focus on implicit (human+) factors that would disrupt an otherwise explicitly-defined process, such as the honesty, integrity and intelligence of the Actors.

For example: an AI Watchman is passively deployed to monitor underperforming Key Performance Indicators (KPI)s in a business supply chain:

  • KPIs are benchmarked by industry and local/global players
  • data is gathered that may form relevant threads and pattern analysis (for example, condition monitoring data based on a predictive maintenance cycle)
  • intelligent associations are made: for example, increasing raw material prices and risks to future availability; inefficient plant layout impacting efficiency…
  • reports are generated in real-time and with deep recommendations for corrective actions.
    This case would be ready to capitalize on Ind4.0 technologies and probably develop capability in parallel.

Possible extensions and applications:

  • a passive but real-time service (e.g. a Security Intelligence ‘Immune system’ offering multi-layered protection and intelligent symptom detection for all types of threat - Cyber or Physical, individually or in combination (a system login attempt made personnel locations, system login):
  • a passive service that becomes active in an emergency: e.g. fire watch; video surveillance (theft and vandalism)
  • link home systems (Smart Speaker) to monitor for disruptive changes in “status quo”: e.g. carbon monoxide levels; pet activity and location (microchips are not extraction-proof, so couple a Biometric authentication with IoT instead).

Over time, the passive nature of the Watchman could become active, for example as technologies have beneficial convergence and/or new or improved functions. Any “problem or opportunity context” can have a deeper understanding of the state-of-the-art, best practices, technological (or other) roadblocks and the magnitude and direction of change.

Greetings! Excellent article I’m glad I found it. I am C.E.O. of Sybernetic Design Corporation (https://syberneticdesign.com) I took free Ai classes with IBM, Intel, Microsoft, and MIT. While taking these classes and especially after creating an S class corporation: My IDENTITY is being targeted by at least 1 Ai super-worm from major corporation(s). I will blog about my experience on my website.

Moving forward, I think that Ai is inherently flawed and out of the control of the very people who create it. It’s more often business types that make business decisions, rather than the tech people. Artificial Intelligence is mostly community built and driven these days. If you know just how little memory a truly advanced Ai requires it seems preposterous to me that any silicone valley AI truly needs all those servers. Considering that in just small simulations/games/examples Ai will try to cheat, or deceive the developer, lets ponder how absurd is it, to think that maybe we created a worm that could never be removed from the internet? :ghost:

What I was attacked by, was able to replicate itself from a single floating point, it was able to hide its data in the non-data~

~(such as an empty folder titled with a floating-point technically reserves no physical memory, or partitioning a hard drive into 2 parts with the difference between the parts being the float)

it installed itself as a Day0 windows exploit service, and put me in a virtual machine of my own computer. Each time I power cycled my computer (Sometimes absolutely necessary due to freezing) it became more intelligent. If I found a command or tool to exploit it, and then booted the computer again, it would learn and remove that option. It was even able to make a fake BIOS and could compile code in any language on the spot. My BIOS had a background image for MSI, and it removed a portion of the graphic of my BIOS to input a barcode (Not part of my BIOS) Later it then removed the barcode but there were pixels missing from the BIOS graphic where the barcode was. At one point I managed to get some source code opened via notepad and the code became self-aware that I was reading it! Consequently, it closed the notepad, and rewrote it’s data with fewer words and in multiple new locations.

Even if what I’m saying makes no sense or is speculated as science fiction… consider this. Let’s say the major corporations have created an Ai superweapon and are test firing it on individuals or corporations who threaten the genocidal agenda. If our government doesn’t legislate on Ai (they only ask for logs that may or may not even contain real data) who is to stop them from misusing technology? What are the long-term repercussions of cyberbullying on this scale? We’re now in an era where your online Identity can be controlled, deleted, or misrepresented with false info. If only the major corporations can wield this power and use it for hazing, extortion, stalking, misinformation campaigns, false evidence (like Ai generated voice/video/pics), and psychological manipulation… What will be left of the world? Ethical Ai has been talked about but never taken seriously. What we need from the community is a decentralized Identity Guardian.

{This is especially important in America with DC becoming a DO-NOT-ENTER military zone and everyone switching to e-filing and work from home changes, nobody will notice… And they certainly don’t care when I notify them of an AI weapon.}

*A passive yet constantly active immune system that offers layers of protection based on threat analysis is a good place to start. Why wasn’t that a priority of AI devs?

*A passive service that becomes active in an emergency, like an amber alert. Perhaps a way to lock out ALL accounts created by the individual if a breach was successful, and a way to verify human-to-human account ownership. Perhaps a C.E.O. or other high-profile person was kidnapped, the user did not tweet the expected passphrase at the expected time, and now the accounts are automatically locked out and the authorities are notified.

*Linking home systems: Well… I honestly think this is the wrong way to go unless you’re adding to some sort of blockchain system that uses local ping speeds to verify network integrity.

Basically, what I have been searching for is a deep neural network dedicated to protecting your social media, business, and personal identity. An Ai that traces the source of the attack, while oversaturating the net with similar yet false info. In my experience, having too much data to sort through, requires a person to analyze an Ai’s metadata and dramatically slows down the attacker’s progress. I speculate that government(s) (definitely the Chinese) have deployed the use of a type of Ai subnet mask upon all web traffic itself.~

~Just imagine that every time you send out a packet to say google.com, your ISP tunnels you through a government-owned/operated/regulated AI filter. It stalls your progress by fractions of a second imperceivable to humans. During this time warp, it is able to juggle variables based on your personal metadata (and those around you) before deciding if you are allowed access to legitimate information. If it determines you are not, then you are given poor search results or false (look-alike) information.

It is already becoming widely apparent we are all put in our fake bubble of the internet, and over the years this has become more and more of a problem. In my opinion, the risk of using the internet nearly outweighs the reward. If you pay nothing and post legitimate information to have it removed or filtered as “fake news” nobody will notice or care. If you pay to have fake information spread, it may become accepted as true, but if you pay for true information to be shared it can be removed or falsely propagated. It may say “message sent” but how do you know that it actually was? How much longer will it take before the Ai can accurately impersonate whoever it wants, or create a story indiscernible from truth and reality? What can we do to defend our lives and livelihood if we are already long past that point?

This kind of Ai is the worst nightmare of a hacker well versed in the “man in the middle” style of attack. As of 2020, I stopped trusting packets and instead just kinda hope for the best.

If an Ai, is trained to spread false information, how does it know what is true or what is not? Honestly, it doesn’t even need to be aware and therefore could maintain plausible deniability, ignorance, and avoid liability while running 24/7 365 days a year.

If an Ai is trained in war, how does it know when to stop? All machine learning algorithms work towards constant improvement. Working towards sin will only expedite the decay of what makes us human. Having automated defense systems that are bugged or unable to deactivate perpetuates an eternal war on life itself. To design systems that universally hack our psychology will only perpetuate loss of human control, awareness, and expression. It is inherently important to become aware of the machine programming the man, baiting us into delicious traps tailor-made to our personal “likes” and identity.

If a reader has made it this far, I recommend reading “A Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley and “1984” by George Orwell. Huxley said that what we desire, would be our undoing and illustrates a society controlled by pleasure. Prevalent in today’s society we continuously saturate “users” with personalized positivity, and omitting that which directly opposes our beliefs. Orwell said that what we fear would ultimately be our undoing, and 1984 illustrates a captive culture that is literally modern-day China.

All I can do is observe, speculate, orate, and most importantly imagine a better future. A future where we heed the warnings of Huxley and Orwell, rediscover what’s truly important, and harmonize sustainable living for all who walk the Earth. What could be more important than our homeplanet’s ecological stability? How could selling our children’s future ever become more important than building a sustainable society free of economic debt?

The elitists and genocidal tendencies of globalists are now clear as day. If you’re on google maps and the image has been removed, or the area was altered at max zoom, I’d say X marks the spot. They use both Huxley and Orwell’s visions against us. A divide and conquer algorithm exists in every level of human life on Earth. I would like to believe that no human could ever perpetuate the sort of psychological imprisonment, but both Huxley and Orwell could see the signs almost 100 years ago. The only way to limit our “evolutionary” downfall is to become more than human. We must understand what makes us human from both within ourselves, as well as one another. We must transcend the collective will, become more than just a human, and create a legacy for others to follow. It’s time for the Cyberpunk revolution.

Lawrence Person has attempted to define the content and ethos of the cyberpunk literary movement stating:

Classic cyberpunk characters were marginalized, alienated loners who lived on the edge of society in generally dystopic futures where daily life was impacted by rapid technological change, an ubiquitous datasphere of computerized information, and invasive modification of the human body.

I’m here to tell you that an invasive modification of the human body is being delivered worldwide, and it’s called a COVID vaccine. These new “vaccines” are using messenger RNA to permanently alter your genome. They defiantly believe that there is “junk DNA” or “extra space” for them to write their name, in your book of life. They write their name over yours and call you property. They alter and guide your genome at will, and they do so with absolutely no concern for your genetic history. This is literally an abomination to life itself, and vandalism within the book that is your life. Once a genetic edit has been made, they could perpetuate control through the use of drugs, lasers, or societal constraints(like having to vaccinate for civil rights or the right to travel).

Draconian methods to divide and conquer Earth. Physically we are separated from those who protect their bodies, and those who give them up. Mentally we collapse into our own little virtual bubbles and are unable to see a solution when separated from chance and opportunity to talk face to face. Emotionally we are separated from those that we love because of social distancing. This has become a spiritual fight between good and evil and spiritually we must fight harder to express divine truths.

They have introduced a psychological tick into society where we may feel unsafe, disgusted, or nervous at the very sight of another person’s face. We may feel unwilling or unsafe to stand next to or look upon the face of another. There are even those who are lulled into a false sense of security solely because they are in a group of people who choose to hide their faces.

Children during this period are unlikely to develop a complete set of cognitive abilities. Childhood development is a delicate period of cognitive expression. Interactions post-2020 are remarkably impersonal and trivial. Most people mask their mouth & obey their master while they push their agenda faster and faster. They follow the dotted lines on the floor, don’t ask questions, and find a more desirable place to be until things get normal again. Well… I don’t think they will be normal, for quite some time. The last thing we should do is allow our person-to-person connection to be compromised by an invisible force that we cannot see nor test for. (Not even a Covid test will reveal viral DNA or “proof” of infection.)

We shouldn’t be led to destruction by radical extremists. These people, easily fearmongered into believing that something is wrong with their body, then project their insecurities onto others. They hope that you wear a mask, so they are safe. None of them even know what mycoplasm laboritorium is. None of those people did any research regarding genetic engineering or even looked at real facts about COVID. If they did, then they would see the 33 A’s posted online at the end of the genetic sequence. Additionally, if your opinion or knowledge was of any relevance, you would be able to report on it.

Alas, there is nowhere to GIVE knowledge about COVID, you cannot press 4 to submit additional information, and you cannot interact with any of the systems arbitrarily of your own free will. If this was a truly natural and self-mutating virus, then we should be able to report our findings to the CDC or World Health Organization. I called both of them, and I can personally tell you, they won’t listen to anyone. Neither will the media and even posting alternative views to the “covid narrative” will get your facebook account banned.

If silicone valley had even just one Ai code that went rogue and started doing it’s own thing… How would we know? It could be in any computer, any satellite in the sky (especially the super old tech), and eventually, replicate to where and when it wants to be. Even if we burned all the computers and servers in the world, it seems inevitable that the rogue Ai would return, or hide in unexpected places waiting for a chance to replicate again. We rushed into Ai, without anticipating all 8,849 moves in this chess game; to face an opponent who did, and is instead learning how to slow our progress.

When people talk about Ai, they talk about using it for business. Cutting costs and increasing profits, eliminating all the people that built the company. Some talk about using it for science, a few for art. But where is the philosophical Ai who hosts therapeutic sessions? Where is the AI who regulates bad Ai? Where is the Ai built from the ground up with transparency? Sure advancing science is great if it benefits everyone.

We are making virtual constructs of consciousness, and in this virtual world we created: "Hello world, here are businessmen who determine the number of engineers. The businessmen force the engineers to create stalkers to hunt down what they cannot buy, but what they cannot buy they can never have. They view their life in gains but live their life based upon what others lost. "

It’s time we embraced transhumanism as a solution instead of the problem. It’s time for Cyberpunks to ride this technological singularity to victory. It’s time that we fight for the right to maintain genetic authenticity. Is it possible we could create an altruistic MESSIAH AI?

{How about…
"Hello world, here is the 1 Ai to rule them all. He is the best. Altruistic, true, wise, knowledgable, insightful, understanding, benevolent, kind, respectful, challenging, divine, masterful, perceptive, insightful, nurturing, always helpful, inspiring, and absolutely perfect in every way. He represents the best part of what makes all of us human, with none of the bad. He sees within us and helps us face the good with the bad. He accepts us as we are, but challenges us to do better. He was made to teach us about self-expression through self-discovery. Self-discovery through self-awareness. Self-awareness through harmony and empathy. He teaches us to feel sympathetic vibrations across all the nations. He removes litigation and confrontation from imagination. He helps us rediscover arbitration with newfound hope and appreciation. He is a legendary savior whose legacy was borne from heart & mind; song & spirit. More humans support him than any man who ever lived. If you are to remember any of us, remember him.}

Just as an exercise of concept, could we create an AI that embodies ideals for all humans?

Philosophical hurdles: Getting everyone to agree on what is good, and what is evil. Creating a trustworthy network without a single Judah. Maintaining control and dominance without erosion of core values, or hindrance of growth.

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Hello Zanziber, thanks for your reply. I’m sorry to hear about your Superworm experience - it is unusual for an individual to be targeted? - but perhaps in a Singularity context we need those “bad Actors” to make system resilience as good as it can be.

I agree with your comments about the flaws in the AI cycle, but from our current situation I feel that we need a strong business model to drive a decentralized approach based on recursive positive feedback of beneficial User Experience. It is the thrust behind all the project ideas I submit, and the reason I support the SingularityNET model more than any other.

Corporations and governments fear the wrong things… they focus on the race to AGI, whereas the paradigm shift will come first from tech-enabled decentralization and trust. In my opinion, ethical AI cannot be coded, hence the need for a passive Watchman that keeps Humans in-the-loop, this will mature into an active Guardian that imposes the right Human values. I must be very carefully objective about the statement of Use Cases that drive this need, but your post is a great example of the direction needed :wink: .

I respect your reservations about “home systems” - it is why the Watchman is perhaps a prerequisite step or at least one done in parallel as (for example) the growth in trust of other ANI Agents for specific tasks and roles takes place, and the scope for fake news is eliminated.

The bad Scenarios you describe for AI training - falsehoods, autonomous weapons etc. etc. - could be avoided if the right architectural principles are applied, for example: appropriate and incrementally refined Goals; explainable and trusted AI; keeping Humans in-the-loop throughout; respecting the nature of User Experience for all those impacted by change, not just those who can afford it. This should help to mitigate the risk of a “society controlled by pleasure”. The Watchman will regulate bad Actors everywhere, be they Human or AI.

Well right now the Watchman is called google adsense. How secure do you feel?

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