Ultimate User Experience

My project idea is for AI-assisted User Experience (UE) as a Use Case in itself. It could have the ugly acronym AI-UXaaS ;-( as long as the principles are adhered to:

  1. Systems Engineering discipline: be lean (do only what is needed); holistic (consider all that is needed); traceable (remember what was done and why).
  2. Using 1, articulate the generic “journey” from desirable UE - through Vision, Success Factors, desirable Scenarios etc. - through elicitation of Requirements, Functions, Logical architecture - to the “Solution Space” of technology, process, people and materials that could deliver the best-can-do UE
  3. Make the journey specific for clients seeking AI services: allow them to create their own specific desirable UEs “from scratch” with AI Agent assistance as required
  4. Create a virtuous feedback loop that suggests improved UEs; scales the concept to other clients, organizations and contexts; applies the best Use Cases in context
  5. Apply 1-4 to the assisted UE process itself: bootstrap the performance and desirability of the decentralized AI marketplace.

This week, I found out about Google “Moonshots” ( https://x.company/moonshots-game ) - it encourages people to brainstorm the gap between desirable UE (solve the world’s toughest Sustainable Development Goal problems) and technology that may assist in each context.

If Google figure out how to harvest and apply this collective thinking as I descried above, there is a risk that they will “win the race” to a (non-decentralized) AGI?