Ultimate Reality

Embed opportunities for Extended Reality (XR) in every value chain that would benefit from the (non-physical) first-hand experience of a Stakeholder.
Move the focus from “gaming” and (simple) 3D Product experience to one that most closely represents the full User Experience in each context.
Offer XR as a service for Use Cases which offer increasingly added value as (for example) a Product is more accurately defined by its Digital Twin, which will positively impact its behaviour in an XR environment.

Typical Scenarios which drive the need:

  • “Improve flexibility by operating remotely in harsh environments”
  • “Workers can summon and engage data to compare and understand options to help with decisions”
  • “Skilled workers act as remote guides for less skilled workers”…
    These inform the need for XR functionality in education, for example, as we move to a Smart Workspace with physical-digital linking of IoT enabled devices etc. The Twin will be capable of responding with the best behaviours in each context.

A potential major benefit: as AGI emerges, simulated User Experience may be the best way for humans to understand the nature of proposed changes and keep Humans In-the-Loop.