Ultimate Identity

This project idea is to provide a fundamental supplement to technologies that engender trust, at a personal level.

Today, my identity is decentralized. I rely on many different documents, accounts, complex passwords and other authentication mechanisms to maintain consistent threads between my Social, Legal, Biometric, Virtual, Health & fitness threads etc. that reflect my presence.

I will want to capitalize on emerging technology trends (see below) as organizations will use data “about me” to drive behaviours “that will impact me”, but the good User Experience outcomes can only come from good quality (trusted) data even if it is from disparate sources. A statement of the trend is as follows:

“…The collection and use of such data to drive behaviors is called the Internet of Behavior (IoB). As organizations improve not only the amount of data they capture, but also how they combine data from different sources and use that data, the IoB will continue to affect how organizations interact with people…”

As businesses improve the User Experiences based on what they know about me, I want them to be able to trust what they know about me, and I want to be able to control what they can know. This should be a prerequisite to leverage the trend for Privacy enhancement – i.e. a trusted environment with decentralized analytics and up-to-date data encryption.

There will be a two-way flow of information as I access services for purchasing, communicating, accessing health services etc., and this needs to provide positive identity without compromising privacy. It also needs to be holistic so that (for example) there are no vulnerable, excluded groups, and that identity theft and duplication becomes impossible.

A bit of Solution thinking… Blockchain engenders my trust in “the system”, so perhaps if an AI Agent puts me on a Blockchain, there will be a public “trusted ME” (public Key) which is populated with data about me that I wish to be shared depending on the contexts (via private Key). I have a familiar device (e.g. smartphone) that knows me, and will do so even if my physical (DNA) and virtual (avatar) presences diverge. Layer and future-proof this capability as necessary – e.g. from device with biometric and multi-factor authentication, to BMI, to nanobytes which collect, encrypt and store relevant (e.g. real-time biometric) data for intelligent use in extended and future Use Cases.

A crude example of the beneficial User Experience: “My phone knows me” - and I know my phone by the way it behaves:

  • a foolproof, reliable, intuitive interface and behaviour… It knows me when I touch it, and it predicts desirable behaviour with high reliability (on/off/alarm/call etc.)
  • my explicit history and status is available in real-time, in any context (health, wealth…)
  • I can delegate authority (temporary or permanent) for friends, relatives etc. with the right context. For example, I should be able to give the device away with zero risk to me
  • if I lose the phone, it is permanently inactive for anyone else by default; it may take proactive measures to get back to me, but I can easily clone another one from my private Key (data)
  • over time, it will converge with other AI Agents to access IoB benefits for User Experience, e.g. shopping delegation, opportunity, real-time protection…
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Gener8 have a great looking business model in this direction… could there be a collaboration potential? To start with, use AI to assist in the tracking - reward mechanisms.

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