Ultimate Family Tree

Hello all, if I want to understand my family tree, here is the User Experience I might desire.

  • I connect to a trusted source of information on the internet (AI Marketplace!!)
  • I’m asked for my basic, publicly available information (name, address, social security number) until AI can identify me with c.100% certainty
  • I’m presented with a nice, interactive “tree” which I can easily navigate in my browser, which shows me and my siblings/parents etc. (say one generation above and below) free of charge
  • I’m then inspired by the chargeable options that AI can enable:
    • the tree is populated with all known relatives of as many generations as I require (the historical database is large but static, and may involve agreements with existing service providers of family heritage etc. to make it more accurate and relevant)
    • I can choose to highlight “ancestors of interest” based on celebrity, nobility, integrity, notoriety (“you are xth cousin yth removed from Genghis Khan”…)
    • I can access a portfolio for a particular person and get more information in context (example: armed service records; identification and enhancement of individuals in photographs; media reports)
    • I can choose to be added to watchlists worldwide that may entitle or inform me (example: estate inheritance).

As a positive byproduct, we will all get truly connected, at least in a data sense to start with.

If this was available, I would pay for it today! Anybody interested?