Ultimate Conscience

The growth of implementation of standards for Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) provides an opportunity for acceleration and convergence with those technologies that enable trusted actions taken on behalf of every conscientious User in any desirable context.
The standards and principles involved (What Is Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) Investing?) can be summarized as follows:
-Environmental: to safeguard the environment and address climate change
-Social: to manage relationships with all parties and communities
-Governance: to express leadership, rewards, rights and controls.

The GOAL of these standards is to enable potential investments to be screened based on a company’s behaviour. However, it may be difficult or impossible for the average conscientious User-Investor to be exposed to the right information at the right time from which they can make their preferred choices, and for them to be sure that the rationale for those is maintained.

The project proposal would draw the standards and principles together in the following ways, i.e. to make outcomes for conscientious Actions more likely:

  1. to make the context of any Action as holistic as possible for the conscientious Individual, identifying and refining the motivating Success Factors
  • for example, using AI to perform pattern matching and monitoring of supply chains etc.
  1. to transfer from the conscientious Individual to the conscientious Group
  • for example through collective social media and/or Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO)
  1. to scale and replicate any Action in proportion to it’s value and potential impacts
  • for example, using Blockchain as a source of trust, traceability, authenticity
  1. to transfer to other contexts where desirable and demanded
  • for example from the environmental behaviours of a business to the human rights behaviours of governments etc.