Ultimate Beneficial Change

Use a social media-type voting and feedback system to articulate what people really need and want.
Extend this by making intelligent (AI-driven) feedback, topic associations, derivation and ranking of the detail.

Understanding what delivers success, happiness, passion and presence is the most basic and necessary form of keeping Humans in-the-loop – with holistic definition, and a lean journey – as we approach the Singularity. High level examples of what people want the most include:

  • “Speed and convenience” – an outcome now, with a short runway for delivery
  • “Done for you” – remove the pains of a Product or Service with automation
  • “Awesome experience and participation” – be a “ leaderboard warrior”
  • “Leading edge trendsetting” – be ahead of the pack, with a competitive advantage
  • “Access” – direct human(-like) interaction without noise in the experience.

The Corpus would build to consider global and local factors (cultural, environmental etc.), and maybe form the basis for the development of complex solutions to global problems.
Start with reliable sources (e.g. Sustainable Development Goals) for derivation and local context as part of the learning data for AI on the journey to AGI.