Hi all. As a global company we struggle A BIG TIME with translations. What we would need is translating documents and videos (eg. educational video courses) from English to local languages. Impossible to do now even with an army of people involved. The translations need to be proffesional level and error free.

Hi Petr!

Which translation / localization tools do you use? I think some of them produce decent quality with the right kind of texts. So good that I might be obsolete as a translator in a few years … :disappointed_relieved:

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Hi haggard,

could you recommend something? We are just thinking about what to use that is available at this moment.

I put the question here as long term AI could definitely solve the issue not just for us but for many companies out there. But it’s not there yet :slight_smile:

Hi Petr,

I worked with the Google translator toolkit, Transifex, deepL and Memsource. In my opinion at this point of development the most important factor for the quality of translations still is the right combination of translation memory, glossary and texts that are written according to consistent rules. As you said AI isn’t quite at a place where it can translate Shakespeare, legal documents, or personal communication flawlessly. But it can speed up the work of human translators (or rather proof-readers …)


Thanks haggard, I will explore these options!

No problem. If I can help don’t hesitate to ask. :slightly_smiling_face:

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I can translate from English to Greek. If you ever need help for translating to Greek language feel free to contact me.

have a look on some websites which use to translate Shakespeare language, this online tools can easily help you translate Shakespeare language - Shakespeare Translator tools