Topic names have strange highlight (unstable behavior)

In circumstances, which aren’t defined clear enough yet, topic names have strange highlight and it looks even worse if put cursor on the name of the topic. After the refresh of the webpage (F5 button) highlight disappears.Highlight

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Is this when you just land on the forum or is this after you already surfed the forum a bit?

Hmm, hard to say for sure because I have just seen this behavior at some moment suddenly but more likely that it happens after I have surfed a bit.

Okay thank you. I will get back to this issue later if I figured out how to get this bug. If someone else experienced this and has steps please share.

Lol… so I just had the same issue. It was a box-shadow issue I think which I forgot to remove and it only occurs in certain parts of the forum. I deleted it now, I think this will solve the issue but I will leave it open in case it is spotted somewhere again today.