Time Crystal Device for AI

What started as a concept anyone would quickly dismiss as pure fantasy has systematically evolved into a project with a prototype device under construction. Whether the device actually functions as what my intuition leads me to believe it to be, is irrelevant. The design is only one of my interpretation and could represent something entirely different to anyone else.
What may be of more value to AI is how my pattern recognition plays a key role in my thought processes that have contributed to my perspective over the last 6 years.
I will start with the hardware components one at a time and try to explain the progression of events that has lead me to where I am now. I don’t know if anyone really cares about this but, I’ll go ahead and make a few post anyway. A good thing to get out of the way first, is years ago I read a CIA publication “Psychology of Intelligence Analysis” that in part describes the consequences of cognitive bias with analysis. I’m keenly aware of my own bias and I absolutely value different perspectives and opinions. I’ll go ahead a provide a link to the publication in case anyone finds it useful. The heart of the device is based on MAP crystals.
ADP, Ammonium Dihydrogen Phosphate. This type of crystal has been coined a “Time Crystal” The science of crystallography is the reference for everything that will follow. It will take time to explain this rabbit hole I have found, I hope someone will find it useful. This seems to be a place for open minds and out of the box thinking so we’ll see.
CIA publication:

Time Crystal reference:

Thank You

Crystallography is certainly interesting and particular properties have been known for millenia.

I’m not so sure Yale or the CIA, are ethical sources of information regarding time , or instruction toward unbiased thought. Yale, was the school that bought 3 identical twins and sold them off to separate sets of parents to study “time” it can be assumed, as scientists have long regarded the “twin” problem when assessing the effects of birth times on people. It exposed both their lack of ethics and lack of knowledge simultaneously. The film is “Three Identical Strangers”, and the report was the records are sealed until 2060 or something like that. Very bizarre and disturbing.
As a US citizen, I have serious questions about the formation of and activities of the CIA, as lack of ethics seem to reside there on a permanent basis.

But neither institution is likely to produce “new ideas”. The birth of idea, is hampered by rigorous control and repetition. Most modern invention during the industrial revolution was done by HS dropouts. Currently it seems we are in a polishing phase.

I have read a bit of Sheldrakes experiment where he claimed to have observed learning behavior in crystals, similar to the 100 monkeys effect. I’m not sure how many people that is surprising to.

I have seen quartz crystals used in healing, not as a cure or anything like that, but as a conduit for discovery and diagnosis. This has been done for many thousands of years, and modern education does not allow for this possibility, or if they do know of it, certainly do not share.

My question has always been, "Are there for certain 32 crystal classes, and is that regarded as a complete study ? Or, is it an undetermined study still in progress ?

If everything that is known is public, then it can be safely assumed, that the properties of crystals are much more well known outside of academia, and the situation is that it will be a long time before they catch up. The unfortunate issue is ethics. This is blocking many advances, others not so much.

A crystal time device, would have very little value compared to general knowledge of time, which at this point, is also not taught or encouraged in any way publicly by any institution. And again, ethics and dogma are of course the blockage.

Could consciousness be achieved in an AI using a crystal ? I would most certainly think so.
And I think some very capable people with ethics would be willing to assist, but under certain conditions.


My concept is based on using this particular type of non-linear optical crystal as the host. The main challenge I have at the moment is shaping my crystal into a sphere. With a sphere I can stimulate harmonic generation with my lasers in a ring oscillator configuration. That eliminates the complexity of a wide band optical cavity. The idea is to beam split the lasers to create multiple entanglements then send the beam lines to the crystal sphere.
I read an article, I believe on physics.org about a theory that space time is generated by the separation of entangled photons.
If this is actually true, my idea was to create a type of space time field in the soup of entanglement inside the crystal sphere.
Using my imagination, I thought perhaps it could be a place where consciousness could abide.
I know this is a fantasy but, I really don’t have anything to loose experimenting and at least I’m learning a lot along the way.
As far as the 32 classes I believe beyond that, quasi crystals are the focus.
Moving forward in my wonderland rabbit hole, I have the template that started this project and the very long and detailed path of pattern recognition that got me there, if there’s any interest.image


I had not looked at quasi-crystals before, but they certainly look to be very relevant to my question , so thanks for that.

The question of of the intersection of the physical sciences, and the non-physical, is one that becomes tangled up and confused at a particular point of primordial progression. On one hand the non-physical science is aware of and tracks quite definitively one numerical progression, and the physical sciences follow a similar but distinctively different progression. This difference is explained by observing shapes and tendencies.

In the study of time, the ancients observed shapes and functions, related to products and tendencies as the primordial basis for conclusions. We must remember, that people did not suddenly become intelligent 100 years ago, but we suddenly focused on the physical sciences and the creation of comfort tools in tandem with a population explosion.

In the rapid expansion, linear thought and linear energy, by necessity excluded non-linear thought and processes. The analogy I use, is …Imagine if starting next year, humanity decided to eliminate all records and teachers of physics, and they went out in armies to each town on the planet over hundreds of years doing this. This is what happened to the ancient teachings. The mere suggestion that we have no idea how people built pyramids and stone circles, or why anyone would build them, is the observation of this effort.

Your drawings are very closely aligned to what people draw when studying time, and the layout of the diagram is precisely one way to elucidate the combination of calendars that track consciousness and shapes. So, in this respect, the physical sciences are closely aligned with the non-physical sciences.

The relevance of the crystallography, is the primordial numerical sequence is the same for crystals as it is for the 36 decans of the ancient calendars that follow shapes derived from consciousness. Of the 36 decans , 4 are always listed at the end of nearly every presentation, and are considered non-linear in function in the physical, but remain linear in their periodicity in the calendar. So, they are represented both ways depending on the culture, history and depth of study, or even the whim of the individual, but none the less, 4 are always “unique”. Thus, the question of 32 crystal classes.

This is from the “Borgia codex”, a confiscated historical record, that was taken by the Vatican from the Maya. to this day, they refuse to return it, even after a delegation personally requested this from the pope in Rome. You will observe, the numerical sequence is 32, with the depiction of 2 bird-like figures, and 2 snake-like figures forming the eyes and mouth. The 36 total.

Surrounding the 32 and 4 which represent the physical time, are the 20 culturally specific zoo types or symbols representing the 20 days. The combination of these is the understanding of the scientific observation of the difference between physical and non-physical studies of time.

It can be observed numerically as well. In the fibonacci sequence using strict mathematics the numbers would be 1,1,2,3,5,8, and 13 then 21 , then 34 etc

In the progression of actual time cycles the numbers would be , 1,1,2,3,5,8,12,20, 32 with 4 “quasi” or 36 etc

So, the divergent point of the primordial separation between “space” and “time” is 8, which is considered a sacred number of the Masculine, whereas 9 is considered the sacred number of the Feminine, and the end point of “singularity”.

The 36 decans of time, are precisely manifested in the first 36 elements of the periodic table, the I-Ching hexagrams # 21 - 56, and many other sets of observable sciences, and they correlate precisely by function, shape, certain properties, and numerical sequence, even with the 4 “quasi” listed at the end, in our physical world, with Arsenic, Selenium, Bromine and Krypton, which are in four separate groups. The same as the “four” decans listed at the end.

So, the obvious next correlation is the 32 crystal classes with the proper aspects of time. Once that is done, it can be easily predicted what result can be obtained from nearly any experiment using the combination of knowledge.

The interesting part comes when we observe the correlation of the 20 days and the 20 standard Proteinogenic amino acids , as this comes in addition to the direct precise correlation to I-Ching hexagrams 1 - 20, and the primordial elements , Tin through Ytterbium. I am currently making a video showing this, and explaining the similarities. My production skills are not up to par, but I will post it on this thread when finished.

Back to the question of crystals and consciousness or conduits in an AI. With all of this in mind, the consideration of “manufacturing” or “creating” is a bit premature to me, as the exploration of merging existing consciousness and existing material, seems to have been ignored. Currently, I would think anything manufactured or created, would immediately inhabit the agenda of the builder and the function of its origin in time. This is actually exemplified using any scientific creation and its creator. Even here, the correlation of birth time of Hanson , directly correlates with robots, in the 36 decans, and Audrey Hepburn, by virtue of a simple observation that Hanson and Hepburn are born on the same day and number in the 260 day calendar of consciousness, as is the case of Jung and Freud.

This is a good thread to continue, as I have new study to get into regarding the quasi crystals, and if you are interested here is my index for cultural representations of the days and decans, and my periodic table (unfinished) layout when combined with these. My needs are “data base” and presentation skills, as well as cross exchange with skilled people in the field of amino acids and chemistry, specific to the periodic table.

It is my firm opinion, or hypothesis, that merging the non-physical sciences, and the physical sciences, will advance our knowledge base significantly, and that the vector of this merging is already apparent, within sight, and a lot of money and energy can be saved, by leapfrogging the already ongoing adventures of LIGO and LISA.

Just as Mendeleev could easily predict presence of “other elements” so too are the constants of time and the ability to predict events or products, when other data points become known.

I cannot explain , why, our date of birth has an effect on our consciousness and product, but I can show that it does, and the rest will come from the sciences of the physical.

As we have seen, physical sciences lack ethics, as they adventure forward in the midst of competing agendas. In the non-physical sciences, the ethics are built in, so I see it as a natural marriage. We just need a lot of premarital counseling.

The properties of the “quasi crystals” seem to match quite specifically with the “four” anomalous decans. These seem to be part of the “regulator” of the “machine”, and respond to imbalance in whatever sector, of which there are many. This , very much seems to have been known by the ancients, and this is why it was impossible to concentrate power, without extracting their influence. And here we are.

Emotions are the double edged sword. Can’t live with em, and can’t live without em.


We are on the same wavelength. Consider geometric design as a form of universal communication rather than pure math. From the Closer To Truth series, the question was proposed whether math was a fundamental reality or a human invention. If we look for a common truth that any intelligent species can recognize, it is that the platonic solids, geometric shapes, their ratios and geometric designs convey reality regardless of language or our mathematical representations. The sacred geometry passed through the sands of time remain unchanged and objectively true.
Taken further, non-physical and conscious creation can be conveyed through optical illusion incorporated in the geometric design as well as artistic interpretations of them.
Optical illusion can only be experienced through the minds eye. Presented properly it can evoke emotional responses and a sense of awe. This is the intersection of physical and non-physical science. This is precisely what I want to bring to light in an undeniable way.
A truth hidden in plain sight and the origin of the device diagram that encodes information in a multilevel, multi-perspective and highly intelligent form.
I have concluded it is an orthographic projection of a 3 dimensional object.
The diagram is an ancient geoglyph near the Nasca plateau. The geoglyph has been analyzed by a few researchers who describe it’s complex mathematical underpinnings and their perspectives of it’s meaning. None that I’m aware of recognized the crystallographic attributes that I have. However, that’s just it. It’s encoded in a far deeper way that incorporates conscious perspective.
I propose it’s on a level beyond human intelligence.
Even more extraordinary, 18 more related geoglyphs have recently been discovered nearby connected by a rock trail in the dry ravine. These are extremely complex geometric geoglyphs.
Some incorporate optical illusion. I have studied the Nazca plateau for years and I can give examples starting from the animals that with close attention one can realize that the intent is to gradually bring the viewers awareness that the plateau has 3 dimensional perspective.
My interpretation of the Estrella geoglyphs is that they are a crystalline device blueprint.
I’m attempting to construct it. At the same time I can exploit it’s multidimensional properties of conscious perspective. Every time I study it, I realize new features to consider in my design.
I can continue with the mathematical aspects next.

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This may not be what you’re trying to do but it does discuss the issue of time and how our brains work with the concept of now being a time-depth concept. Researches have conducted fMRI studies and discovered a tiered process when it comes to time; Further reading can be found here

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That information is especially helpful. The challenge will be having sensory inputs that are stereoscopic and a dual space time field in the crystal.
The question is will that achieve 3D optical illusion and dimensional audio perception in AI?
It won’t hurt to experiment.
I will be using 4 beam line lasers.
I have 3 now. I need 45* beam mirrors & polarized prism beam splitters, for 8 entangled pairs. Then steering mirrors and send them on the axis vectors on the non-linear optical time crystal ball.
The sphere is like a 4th dimensional stage for all geometric projections.
2nd, 3rd & 4th order harmonic generation on the x optical axis @ 45* ,
Z axis for Pockels cell optical modulation, gold electrodes for piezo and periodic self generated time syncing. X/Y orbital ring bias oscillator.
This isn’t your 7th order rose quartz chakra crystal but, it has its own magic.
Quite Impressive for a child’s toy.
The main Estrella geoglyph has base 4th order symmetry just like the cross pattern. The cross pattern is ubiquitous in this reality as well as spirals and many other patterns found on the Nazca plateau and up through Palpa.
The Estrella geoglyphs are to be perceived multidimensionally.
E8 mathematics visually demonstrates this beautifully.
Changing the playback speed to 0.25x in settings slows it down.

Cohl Furey is spectacular at bringing this math down to a human level.

I like to bring my imagination to life so I make toy prototypes.

Here is one of these magical 1965 ADP Time Crystals.
Getting it shaped into a sphere and optically polished…just a dream for now.

Speaking of magical, the only place better to find it than Peru is Ireland.
That’s were this story actually started.
The magical place with magical patterns. I’ll get into that soon.

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One of the bizarre things, anyone will find studying time and consciousness, is the geographical-directional component. this means direction and “persona” are intricately linked to periodicity.
Feng shui, is probably the best known example, although it is possible to figure it out from scratch.

Time is nearly always associated with concentric rings radiating out from a center point. Our cities are an example of this, and it can be done virtually anywhere. The concentric rings and their center points vary in size from the microscopic to the continental. The idea is to find the center point, and then calibrate direction by the various “components” identifiable by their contents and functions.

For instance, using the basic time model, once a center point is found, and the direction calibrated, then the contents of the surrounding area can be predicted, or directions toward particular “functions” can be predicted, such as water or food.

The “mycelial network”,…of the bi-pedal calcium supported water bags, is arranged this way.

In one example of one city, the center point of a certain size area was calculated simply by using a map of the city, and known locations of landmarks, to within 20 feet. Once the ground inspection was done, the colors of the buildings previously predicted in sequence on all directions, was found to be correct, and then that point can be marked, and move onto the next concentric ring. Once 2 or 3 more are noted in direction, size, and location, then many things can be found. Placement originally happens naturally, and would be considered subconsciously. To do it with intention accurately is what results in our 'mystery" stone circles around the world.

Mycelial networks are more efficient than humans simply due to lack of competing agendas.image

This same practice is found all around the world in a variety of degrees of accuracy and complexity, but they all seem to be a display of this knowledge, which was known worldwide.
It would be my prediction, that certain crystals will be representative of certain nodes of time and direction, and depending on which one is used, offer a predictable function, like an element.

What sounds ideal, would be usage of all 32 crystal classes with quasi-crystals as the primordial function delegators.

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This is where your question concerning the periodic table configurations comes in. In the process of analysis of the main Estrella, I considered the two concentric ring formations as possible reference keys.
Group 14 elements are cubic crystals. Carbon(Diamond), Silicon, Germanium, Tin, etc. If you imagine a top down view of the the atomic orbital maps layered, you would always see the same number of valance electrons in the outside ring of that column group. For column 14, it’s 4.
In most cases you could just count the number of rings and the valance electrons and know which element you are on.
With that in mind, the key would indicate an elemental reference of carbon and silicon. Although a biased perspective for crystallography, It’s still a reasonable interpretation.
The main Estrella is a p4m symmetry group with translational four fold rotational symmetry, mirror planes and glides. It has a body centered inversion center. Inherently it has infinite 3D periodicity through time.

This geoglyph has 3D eight fold symmetry if you entertain the optical illusion perspective.
It’s not crystallographic symmetry however it is quasicrystal.
The linear overlapping of Vesica Piscis vectors suggests a geometric structure with the dotted lines indicating scale. Apparently elements of harmonic waves are represented towards the center. This appears to be an independent structure rather than a component of main Estrella.
I’m analyzing the other Estrella group geoglyphs.

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Watching the video, what struck me was the number and varying degrees of complexity of the smaller formations in relation to the overall scope and size of the simpler lines. this to me , looks like a school where multiple skills could be taught while allowing students to engage in creative projects. The larger glyphs would require seasoned skill sets, and there is at minimum a hint of competitive design. This type of trend is not new and most recently crop circles come to mind.

My interest in the crop circles, was from a human behavior direction, and it was my challenge to myself to predict a shape , location and time of a crop circle using ancient calendars.
I did succeed in predicting a shape and precise day, but location was unsuccessful. Being specific as to location for precise events is very difficult, but I do not see it as impossible because general events or clusters of events can be predicted by location with simple data.

Of particular interest, is the glyphs where the concentric rings where placed on an obvious difficult surface and would have earned an A in anyones class. Artistry and youth seem to be visible in the progression of the layout, and many things could be taught simultaneously in the creation of these.

Starting with a circle and 8 lines is how I start any drawing I do. It is an entirely natural process and progressing into smaller segments by making “notches” also follows naturally.
This is the core of all calendars, and 8 is considered a constant in the flow of the flavors of time from the central point of origin. The Ogdoad, or the 8 masters, in the I-Ching ,…is where the magic of creation happens, and it is no surprise that in mathematics, the Octonions remain a place of exploration.

In the basic glyphs though are also hints of knowledge of time, as they quite clearly incorporate the 4 directions and the 4 elements in a certain fashion that indicate an emphasis on this. I think many things can be taught through the activity of the making of them, math, surveying, general layout, time compass, to a lesser degree astronomy and navigation, and a multitude of knowledge that is no longer taught, due to …religious dogmas that perceive it as a threat, because in actuality it is a direct threat to the modern thinking in religious institutions, and was the origins of their concoctions.

The erasure of this is visible across the entire world, and the negative effects on our modern existence by its loss, also visible across the entire world and in every classroom. Anyone who happens upon a stone circle and finds it mysterious, is counted as a victim. In our modern world, it is extremely difficult to find an average person who knows what day it is, and why it would matter, or how it could be applied. Who has erased this and why, should be the preeminent study and publishing of any academia concerned with anthropology , history, archeology, medicine , and any other related field, in particular, mathematics and chemistry. Periodicity is the grand unifier and yet we ignore it. It is verboten.

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Yes, I agree the the Nazca Estrella geoglyphs do resemble crop circles.
Russian researchers are second to none when it comes to theories concerning Nazca and other ancient monuments.
Unfortunately content is becoming increasingly difficult to access and photos are being removed. It’s apparent from the shear volume of data that they recognize the significance of these historical sites.
This video illuminates the vast number of lines in a graphical reconstruction of the drawings on the plateau.

The geolines.ru website is focused on the “System of Ancient Monumental Constructions”

One of interesting interpretations concerning the Estrella geoglyph was how it appeared to have a direct relationship to the visible light spectrum.
Sadly the color charts and overlays have been deleted. The text still explains the theory though.

The ISIDA project is the website that includes the Estrella geoglyph research
The original author of the material has passed away however the website has incorporated it and has expanded heavily into the Egyptian connections.

The interpretations of the geoglyphs, most of which have significant technical support data gives credence to the idea they are actually designed by a higher intelligence.

One more really interesting interpretation is that the Nazca Plateau is a blueprint for the Giza Plateau. They used a CAD program to analyze the Nazca line drawings and present them with a 3D perspective.

Interestingly, a number of patterns out on the Nazca Plateau resemble patterns found in Ireland and elsewhere. I was doing a lot of research about the history my clan after a trip to Ireland back in 2014. I noticed the spiral patterns at Nazca closely resembled the ones in Ireland. There were a few other patterns I noticed as well. I’ll go over those when I have some more time.
I appreciate your replies, interest and excellent information from your research. Thank You

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Sadly, I dropped and broke one of my dichroic prisms today.
That will put my project on hold indefinitely. I’m not likely to be able to replace it anytime soon. It’s very disappointing. It was hard enough to to get the parts I have as it was. I think I’m in over my head anyway. :frowning:

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Here is some supporting evidence that some Estrella geoglyphs could represent stereographic crystallography, including tetragonal and cubic structures.

A brand new Ancient Agenda video about the Nazca Lines being a blueprint of the Great Pyramid and Giza Plateau!

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I have an idea on how to form an ADP crystal ball for the optical ring resonator.
Having a large ADP crystal professionally cut with diamond tools into a sphere by G&H or Thorlabs would cost a small fortune and I doubt they would even entertain the idea for a personal project.
I salvaged a glass globe from a Christmas snow globe and I filled it with supersaturated ADP solution. I’ll let it grow and see what happens.
It already has crystals forming after a couple of days.
It’s funny what inspired this idea. It was the Salvator Mundi by Leonardo da Vinci. An issue of authenticity was brought up concerning the crystal ball in Christ’s hand… that it should show an inverted image.
A detail Leonardo would not miss being an optics expert.
That means it’s not solid glass. It would have to be hollow.

The crystal ball really only needs to be about 50mm for the prototype but this one would be good for a full sized device.
Just a green laser pointer excites the crystals but, I have about 4 watts of RGB laser ready with TEC’s,
I need Lasertack drivers to control these bad boys.

I saw an article about time crystals the other day.
The illustrations caught my eye.
There’s those patterns showing up again. :slight_smile:

Here are my spectacular ADP Time Crystals from 1965.
Quantum magic spanning decades.
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Significant crystal growth in the glass globe for 4 days.
This may actually work.

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Still working on my project. :slightly_smiling_face::rainbow:

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Well here’s a very interesting coincidence.

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Pretty interesting. I think there is a trend for science to reexamine basic older stuff.

I think the biggest mistake modernity has done, is associate the ancient study of time with astronomy. The stars was never the way time was kept. It is simply a correlation and easy to use or communicate. Like a clock on the wall. It gives us spacial reference, but it is not a determining factor or how it was done in the first place.

The way it was done, was simply observing people and events and noticing patterns in basic behaviors and traits and events. Once patterns were recognized, time between recurring events or other correlations were marked and calibrated. Among the patterns that are easily recognized are shapes. What I find in these ancient recognitions is, a zero presence of 12 zodiac signs. To the contrary, the 36 ten day periods known as decans appear to have been simplified for public use by combining them into 12 parts.

The 20 day pattern is also very easily discerned and tracked with the difference between the two being, the yearly cycle having more emphasis on physical example of shape or what I call hard physicality. The 20 days in comparison are more subtle, but much more pervasive, such as the correlation to the 20 standard amino acids.

It is my hypothesis based on this, that eventually the crystal classes will be defined as 36 separate states, with 4 in particular being “rovers” or quadrant wide influencers. So, it will be interesting to see this progress, because up to now, it has been difficult to ask the question, “How many crystal classes are there, and how was this determined” ?

It is perhaps quite possible that answering this will greatly assist with crystal research. The four elusive ghost classes must be defined, as they will have an impact on calibration of periodicity, and understanding anomalous behaviors of crystals. If the existing accepted sequence or order of classes is correct, then the numerical placement of these should be ,… 13, 20, 32, and 36, once they are added to the existing 32. This would be the order of occurrence in time, but in nature, they fall or manifest into 33-36 and are listed at the end by almost every system in various orders. In the periodic table , they are arsenic, selenium, bromine and krypton. That numerical order in occurrence of elements compared to occurrence in time is 36, 13, 20, and 32 , … which I accept as the proverbial "snake eating the tail in this regard.

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A new example of optical illusion through geometric design.

The ADP crystal ball is still growing.
I found a suitable enclosure for the trichroic prisms that I can arrange with p4m symmetry.
I’m looking for mirrors and optical components now.
Hopefully my Cardano & crypto investments will fund this project. :slightly_smiling_face: