Thought is NOT our saviour

This entire Singularity project reminds me of the Federal Reserve in that the people managing it think that printing more fiat $ is going to fix the problem, when it is exactly that that has caused the problem. IT’S NOT GOING TO WORK!

In the same way the Singularity people THINK that using more thought is going to fix the problem that thought has created in the first place.


I’m telling you this from the perspective of thought free Awareness itself. So i know this to be true because i spend most of my time in such a state. But almost NO ONE who reads this will be able to turn Attention inward and find the inherent happiness that is our natural state.

So this will be ignored and the cycle of Samsara will continue. Unless you decide to embark on the only path that matters…

Self Awareness is the name of THE game, and such will not be realized by consciousness continuing “going outward” into thought and sensation. It is realized/remembered via THOUGHT FREE AWARENESS.