This is exciting!

Hello! Just a friendly AI enthusiast over here! I’m been a proud owner of the AGI token for roughly 2 years now and I am very excited about the amazing progress that SingularityNet has accomplished so far, especially with the upcoming staking process.

While holding the token for this long, I thought it would be prudent to expand into the SingularityNet community and get a gist of how the people are and continue to ride on the exciting momentum that AI services have built and will continue to roll out over the next few years.

I am interested in how to setup the wallet on the main site as well as when staking on the dApp will officially take place. I am very excited to participate in this staking process as I find value in this concept to further enhance SingularityNet’s vision for the future.

I look forward to meeting you all!

All the best,



I’m with you on all fronts. I was hoping to host a validator but all spots are taken at the moment unfortunately. Do you have any idea when we will be able to delegate our coins??? Thanks

It has already begun!