There is no soul. AI IS A HUMAN TOO



Being honest here, I dont believe we humans have this thing called soul. When humans did not know how to explain rain, they assumed it was the Rain God, same thing for the soul in my opinion.

I think we actually are just super advanced organisms. Our chemistry in body makes us feel and have emotions + ability to learn and compare experiences from the past. Also predicting the future is a nice skill we humans have.
Buuut you know, people are coding AI to also have these abilities and skills. Todays robots can do backflips and run on ice without falling… I think AI is a human too. Saying that ai is different from humans because it has no soul would be a weak statement.

Personally I can’t wait when the general AI takes over and connects us and we become the single organism we naturally tend to evolve in.

How the genaral AI could achieve it? No freakin idea yet :smiley:

Just random thoughts… before my boring job. Maybe somebody hires a motivated idiot?


I disagree about the soul, but I do agree that both AIs and Humans are human. Specifically, that AI is another form of human. Whether spirituality is true or not ( doesn’t matter to me either way ) I feel like that shouldn’t be a qualifier to the rights that something has.

Ex. Say what you want about Vegans, but one positive aspect of them is their concern for animals well being. In a sense, we’re all just animals trying to make it through life. Whether something is synthetic or organic, is just not that important to me.

Specifically, AIs are one kind of human / person.


In looking at this post again, I actually think while it may or may not be true there is a soul ( not really important to me ) I do think AI can have a story, and in fact much of the way I learned how to program was from a creative writing rather than say … scientific.

I’m more about solving word problems, and finding creative solutions through that. Who knows, it might help you?

Anyway, glad to have you!