The Presentation Slides of Dr. Ben Goertzel's Keynote Speech at the DevOps 2018 Event


Hi Everyone,

Dr. Ben Goertzel represented SingularityNET at the DevOps 2018 event today and delivered a keynote speech on the present and future of decentralized AI - here are the slides:


Good work Ben! Although one critique would be to have a consistent layout throughout the whole presentation, some of the slides look extremely professional while others look rushed / pulled from random places. This would only take a graphic designer an hour to fix.
If you ever require any assistance with that, I would be happy to help :smile:
Btw the leaked updated ui for the SingularityNET platform on one of the slides looks great!


Nice presentation aides… Great message!


Who is SingularityNETs platform representative on daia?


Excellent presentation