The possibilities for the AGI marketplace are endless

I can’t think of a sufficiently great amount for new AI services that SingularityNET’s Marketplace can provide. For example, suppose you wanted a trained AI trained to solve any math problem that is just too much of a hassle at the moment for you? Done, there’s a service provider for that. Suppose you want an AI to write that difficult essay that you’re just not feeling like finishing right now? Done, there’s GPT-3 for that - It can write just about anything by now. What if you wanted to find just the right images to illustrate that book you’ve been working on? (which incidentally might also have been made by AI). No problem; there’s an AI for that too. Just thinking about how much we can achieve with this new marketplace for different AI services is completely staggering. How are not more people talking about this?

Spreading the word is super valuable! Perhaps we can work together with community members like yourself to source a list of possible use cases. We have a category here #projects:suggest-a-project where you can propose use cases. A developer could look at this and perhaps be inspired :).